The Snuggle Is Real - A Cute Valentine's Day Gift Idea + Adorable Cookies!

So excited to share this super fun way to share your love for someone this Valentine's Day. Have you heard of Snuggle Serenades? Snuggle Bear from the fabric softener you know and love, wants to serenade you and your loved ones with a love song this Valentine's Day! Simply add up to 4 photos of someone special (I chose my puppy, Porter, which I thought was just adorable), and made a video inspired by her. Of course, if you have a loved one or a bestie that you would rather make a video for, find some photos from their Facebook page, or from your phone, and add those in there. I just love how this turned out! Take a look at the adorable video I created here ( Make your own Snuggle Seranade Video here -

And, since this post was inspired by Snuggle Softener, and giving Valentine's Day gifts to someone special, I decorated some cookies, and loved having the Snuggle fresh scent in my kitchen towels that I used while baking and decorating my cookies, since that can get extremely messy! I love the added freshness of the fabric softener.

I decided to use store bought sugar cookie dough, since I was mainly focusing on decorating. I know that cut out sugar cookies don't always keep their shape extremely well, and although I spent tons of time cutting out my heart shapes with a cookie cutter, and then freezing the heart-shaped dough, the first batch STILL turned into circles once I baked them at the directed 350 degrees.

I then thought, if I turn up the oven temp, maybe they will bake quicker and turn out as heart shapes. Well, that didn't work either! The cookies just got super crispy around the edges, and tasted awful. But, there's hope!

Then, I finally figured out how to make my cookies into heart shapes! I baked a third batch of the frozen heart-shaped dough cutouts, and saw that they were still circular. As soon as I took them out of the oven, I used a small spatula to shape them!!! I straightened out the two pointy edges, and used a regular, metal teaspoon to create the indention at the top! Genius! This worked out so well, and I was able to decorate the cookies with red and white icing and lots of sprinkles. YAY! That is my round about way of creating the heart-shaped cookies from store bought cookie dough. If I had used a homemade cookie dough recipe, there are lots of tips and tricks available online to help you make those sugar cookies that keep their shape, but if you want to just make life easier on yourself, then this method worked really well!

I much prefer cotton kitchen towels to using paper towels for everything (it's SO wasteful!!!), so Snuggle keeps everything soft and smelling super good, a great compliment to the aroma of fresh baked cookies!

Then, I decorated them up! I drew a heart outline on one cookie at a time, then filled it in with the same color of icing, and added a generous amount of sprinkles to each one. I also thought the XOXO decorations were adorable! Anything in these colors looked great together. Have fun, and alternate icing colors and sprinkles whenever you can. Just have fun with it, that's the most important thing.

These would make such an adorable gift for someone, don't you think? Making the Snuggle Serenade Video for someone and giving them these Valentine's Day cookies would make anybody smile, that's for sure.

Be sure to check out the Snuggle Serenades and create a cute video for someone special! Thanks so much for stopping by!

This post was created for Snuggle, all opinions, text, and images are my own. XOXO!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Snuggle. The opinions and text are all mine.