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I'm Katherine Accettura and I began Lily The Wandering Gypsy in May of 2014. I named LWG after one of our dogs, Lily, because she loves traveling, just like me! enjoy having this space to share both my creative work, along with sharing the amazingness of others.

Here you will find my daily musings, Pinterest finds, tasty recipes, inspiring content, featured interviews, stories about my travels, and other fun things.

A Bit About Me

My friends and family have always called me a creative type. Some of my earliest memories were related to me doing art projects and making drawings, which my dad still has! I received my first sewing machine from my grandmother when I was 13, and dabbled with it here and there. I began by sewing baby quilts and purses, and would make custom purses for friends. I began a sewing company called Kat Eyez Co. and began selling my sewn goods at various craft fairs around Springfield, IL, where I grew up. My baby booties became very popular and so I changed the company name to Happy Solez (like Soles of the baby booties, with a Z at the end). I participated in lots of fun craft fairs and farmer's markets, and have sold over a thousand pairs of baby booties. 

During my Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree, I took lots of graphic design classes, as well as some media management classes in Grad School. I was still sewing quite a bit (full time for a while), and one day I began a Pinterest account. I gained tons of followers, and I now have the privilege of using my graphic design and marketing skills. Check out my Pinterest Page here

I have had the privilege of working with companies like JCPenney, Betabrand, L'Oreal and Sony!!! It has been amazing, and I cannot wait to see what the future beholds :)

If you want to learn more about my work, please visit my Portfolio

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