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Looking for a fresh face and a new approach to marketing your brand to over 1 million people? I can help! 

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Our team consists of two professional photographers, one of which is also a graphic designer and stylist of all sorts. We have worked for brands like Sony Pictures, L'Oreal, JCPenney, and more!

Whether you need your clothing, accessories, artwork, recipes, ingredients, or just about anything photographed, we can help elevate the look of your brand and help you get your message out there to your audience. 

We can customize our content for you to use on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Your Blog, and across many other forms of social media. 

We are sure that our work will help you and your website look more professional, and appealing to your clients!

Let's get a plan together! Send us a comment below, and we will get right back to you. 

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Project Example: L'Oreal Advanced Hairstyle


It is fun and important to elevate products that are available to a mass market, and a good way to reach those people is to create content that they can relate to and feel inspired by.

In this project, I used my extensive knowledge of photography, product and fashion styling, and the understanding of my audience and the brand to create a professional collection of images that the brand could use as they pleased. 

It was very important to hire a professional hairdresser for this assignment, because it insured that the brand would receive professional photographs in order to showcase their nature and quality of their products.

It was fun seeing how many different styles I was able to create with my hair and styled photos due to the immense variety of products in their line.

Luckily, the L'Oreal Advanced Haircare line is available at drugstores and major retailers nation wide! This makes their product even more accessible to the consumer, and makes this campaign much more successful and available for a mass audience to experience.

I also shared these photographs and project updates on Pinterest as well as other social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and my blog), to reach an even wider range of people. 

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Project Example: L'Oreal Infalliable Makeup


I learned so much from this project! I was able to enlist the help of a local stylist/makeup artist at Fringe The Salon, and I was beyond impressed! She helped me understand how to utilize L'Oreal Infalliable Makeup in ways that really made sense to me. This makeup is marketed as long-lasting, full coverage, and helps to reduce shine.Bobby did an amazing job photographing me for this, and made me feel like a star! 

L'Oreal  asked to me to create summer-inspired, long lasting makeup looks. I immediately got to brainstorming about how to make this perfect for summer, so I wanted to show how cute your makeup could look while hanging on the beach, spending a day with friends, or even going out for a concert and date night.

I was also asked to create two tutorials, both showing that you could achieve an infinite number of totally different look using their products. I opted to create a day-look, featuring my hair down in soft curls, and a more pink berry Lip Color. Another look was more for a a going out at night look, which was much fancier, and included darker lips and a bit more intense overall makeup. My hair went up into a beautiful crown braid, and I added some cute earrings.

One of my favorite parts of photography is Product Photography! This makeup is SO photogenic, and I had an amazing time styling the beautiful products along side some important summer beach-themed essentials. Supporting props like sunglasses, a cute bikini, sand, flip flops, and a fedora make these items look right at home! 

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Long gone are the days when a brand could simply rely on a top to bottom approach for market8ing their products. Where they could simply use photographs with all white backgrounds on their websites to showcase their items. Now, an immensely interesting style of marketing has to be (achieved) in order to catch the eyes and peek the interest of their consumers. Now, consumer created content is very, very crucial.

It is so important for brands to be able to reach as many customers as possible through inspiring and well-thought out content. I have created content for some major brands, and it makes such a difference.

When I am given a job, I spend countless hours researching the brand, exploring every one of their social media avenues and websites, and try to get to know their products as well as possible. 

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