DIY Daily Planner Tutorial - For Under $10.00

I am the type of person who needs a daily to-do list. I looked at daily planners recently, and they ranged between $50-$100. That's absurd! When I saw that price, I knew I had to make my own. Before I made this official planner, I was using a lined, spiral journal. It was fine, and very portable, but I usually have this on my desk, so that wasn't a huge deal when making this new one. This would also make a cute Mother's Day or graduation gift! 

DIY Daily Planner for Less Than $10

These mini binders were only $3.99 (only available in Target stores), but you can find them at any office store. The mini binder filler paper (also only available in Target stores), was only $1.99 per pack, and I grabbed 2. You could also use the divider sheets, if you need to organize things a bit more. 

Easy day, I just write the date at the top of each page in a thick permanent marker. I do this while looking at a calendar, so I get the dates correct :) It's that simple! Use your favorite color pens to write your daily to-do list and you're set! A fun way to spruce up your desk for under $10.00!

DIY Daily Planner Under $10