Wow! What A Week! Re/Code Conference + A Visit To Santa Monica

I had a spectacular week last week. I was invited by HelloSociety to attend and speak at the Re/Code Conference held at The Ritz - Laguna Niguel! This was all pretty new to me, so I took everything in with eager eyes and ears. I met lots of inspiring people, and after my panel, lots of interesting women and men approached me to congratulate me for doing a good job. This was an amazing opportunity for me to share my talents to a very eager audience, and network with some very important people in an amazing industry. ReCode did an amazing job making sure we were all very well-fed, and the event went flawlessly! Peter Kafka did an especially good job making us all feel very comfortable on stage during the interview, as well. 

I flew into LAX, rented a car (for the first time!!), and drove down the 405 (also for the first time!!), and arrived at the incredibly gorgeous Ritz Hotel just before sunset. Everyone was extremely courteous and beyond professional. If I could, I would stay there again any time! I loved the Ocean View from my room, there was a small balcony that overlooked the ocean. What a dream! The food was also so incredible! Below you can watch a slide show of my highlights of the Re/Code conference 2015. 


I mostly spoke about my role as a Content Creator for brands who want to fully submerge themselves into Pinterest. I spoke with three other young people who were influential on Vine and Youtube. We were called The New Influencers. You can read the article here. Thanks to everyone who has supported me in this fun adventure! I went to Santa Monica for a couple of days after this conference and also had an amazing time! 


Even more fun ensued! We enjoyed wine and cocktails at The Sonoma Wine Gallery. It was so fun to be there on the rooftop, drinking amazing wine with such wonderful women! I also enjoyed Thai Dishes on Broadway, which was super classy and had amazing service. I sat outside on a heated patio (eating outdoors in February was a real treat), and I had so much fun people watching in the incredibly vibrant beach town. I am getting goosebumps thinking about how much fun I had there!