Drink Easy // Bloody Mary Recipe

One of our favorite cocktails is definitely a Bloody Mary. They are relatively low in calories, and we have tried quite a few different combination, mixes, and recipes, and we have finally found the very best recipe of all and I wanted to share it with you!

We recently visited Wild Eggs in Louisville on the way out of town after a Mike Gordon concert. The restaurant proudly displayed a row of bottles of two main ingredients above their bar area. The whole meal was awesome, and we were so impressed with the wonderful breakfast drink, we had to make some at home.


Absolut Peppar Vodka - Zing Zang Mix - Ice - 1 or 2 Glasses - Olives -

Cute Paper Straws - Worcestershire Sauce - Olives - Seasoned Salt 

Garnish = 1 Piece of Bacon + 2 Olives (Per Drink)

Ultimate Bloody Mary

I love the crisp taste of the mix in addition to a hint of vodka. The alcohol taste is super easy to cover up with this recipe, and I definitely recommend it. This would be perfect for a large party as well, just mix it up ahead of time, add ice to your glasses, and pour!

The secret to this recipe is really quite simple. Absolut makes Peppar Vodka! Made especially for Bloody Marys! We were so excited to learn about the cool ingredients and believe it makes the perfect tasting Bloody Mary! The other, most important ingredient is the Zing Zang mix. It's really amazing, even compared to all the other mixes we have tried.

If you're into cool garnishes in your drinks, you can add bacon to this recipe. We baked the bacon on a wire rack in the oven (over a baking sheet covered in foil. Bake at 350* F for about 15-20 minutes. Let cool, and poke a skewer into the bacon. Add two olives to the skewer. 

Here is my newest setup for baking bacon. A baking dish with shallow walls + a cooling rack that fits inside it perfectly. Make your bacon, let it cool, and skewer it up with two olives.

Bacon in The Oven


Awesome Bloody Mary
The Best Bloody Mary Recipe

Fill a glass with as much ice as you want. Pour 1-2 shots of Absolut Peppar Vodka over your ice. Next, add some Zing Zang Mix, to fill up the rest of the glass. Add a splash of Green Olive brine, and garnish with Bacon + Olive Skewer.

Well, enjoy! Comment below if you were able to test this recipe. Happy Weekend!!

Some of the BEST waffles I have ever had! 

Some of the BEST waffles I have ever had! 

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Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows

The drink that inspired this recipe! 

The drink that inspired this recipe!