DAILYLOOK - Your New Personal Stylist

I am super excited to share some wonderful fashion goodness with you! DailyLook is an amazing source for clothing for just about any style. I have loved their company for many years. With DailyLook Elite, you can have the help of a personal stylist, and look like a million bucks for only a teeny fraction of that!

In fact, you only keep the items you absolutely love, and send back the rest. I just love trying clothes on at home rather than in-store, you always get a way more realistic look at the clothes that way. In your natural environment, real-life lighting, and when you're comfortable!

Check out these wonderful outfits they can send you. Each box, filled with 7-11 items each, is sent to your door each month. This is going to be a great way to try outfits and silhouettes that you may have never even dreamed of, and find out that they become your new personal style. So great! 

In addition to being a wonderful shopping destination, they have something amazing to offer you. You can fill out your style profile, and they will send you outfits based on a few fun and easy questions, that helps them get a closer look at your personal style. 


Just tell them your size, body type, and preferred fit of each clothing item. My favorite part of this survey is where you choose your personal style, based on the outfits below. I love how visual this part is, and it even gives me so many outfit ideas! 

After you choose your favorite silhouettes, you can answer a few more questions about your lifestyle, and which types of outfits and clothing you feel most comfortable in. You can even create a Pinterest board that reflects your personal style, and I am sure that would help your new stylist quite a bit! 

DailyLook will help you look your best and costs way less than an average trip to the mall, or even just one piece of clothing! Learn more here, and here's to a new and elevated personal style and confidence boost!