More Farmer's Market Fun In Carbondale, IL & A Community Garden

We are so fortunate to have such fertile soil in southern Illinois. We have had a rainy Spring, which has really given way to abundant crops this year. I shot these photos a couple of weeks ago (we have been traveling for the last couple), and I loved seeing the community garden (located right next to the market) being tended to by local residents in exchange for produce from the garden. This is such a great way to bring the community together, and it allows people to feel like a bigger part of their community. 

Carbondale Community Farmer's MArket

This week, we also saw the addition of Flyway Farms, which produces mushrooms year-round for the market and our Neighborhood Co-Op. They had two varieties, both absolutely stunning!

Carbondale Community Farmer's MArket

This little guy was helping to weed the community garden, and played in the dirt, like kids should! He was having a blast, possibly the most fun of anyone there!

Carbondale Community Farmer's MArket

Scratch will be a regular, weekly vendor at the market.

Farmer's Market

For more information about the Carbondale Community Farmer's Market, visit their website.