Easy No-Sew Summer Wardrobe Solutions with Scotch™ Essentials At Target

Looking for a fun way to update your summer wardrobe? Here are a couple ideas to get you started! This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #WardrobeSolutions #CollectiveBias

I just love altering and upcycling clothing items! Especially to update my summer wardrobe. We all may have that pair of pants that is way too long, or fits well in one place, but not another. I also know many people enjoy super quick and simple DIY projects that take less than ten minutes, too. If you are someone who doesn't want to be bothered by sewing in order to refashion your wardrobe, here is an amazing, new solution that I am so glad I found! Seriously, NO SEWING, it's great. And, I would definitely recommend packing these products for your next vacation or night out, just in case you have a wardrobe malfunction and need to fix something on the spot. 

Here are two Summer DIY wardrobe solutions, making updating your summer wardrobe so much easier!

Add Some Fringe
DIY No-Sew Shorts

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Scotch™ Essentials Adjustable Hem Tape (Used on shirt)

I loved this hem tape. I have only used the iron-on kind in the past, and it is a pain to use. But, these adjustable hem tape strips are just perfect for a projects like adding fringe to a top, because you may want to remove the fringe once you wear the shirt, or even remove the fringe before washing. Who knows, you may love the fringe one day, and want to remove it the next. 

No Sew Essentials

More traditionally, this adjustable hem tape can also be used to shorten a hem length on a pair of pants depending on your shoe height (heels vs. flats), or if you have a child that is growing an inch a day, well here is a way to really extend the life of those pants!

Scotch™ Essentials Permanent Hem Bonding Strips (used on shorts)

My overall impression of these permanent bonding strips is really great. I wish so badly that I had known about these, because they are SO incredibly strong and would bond just about any fabric to another fabric. Caution - they are insanely sticky, so be careful what is on your work space, so nothing sticks to it that shouldn't. I was extremely happy with how well this material bonded denim to itself, like in this rolled cuff shorts DIY. You could even create a little pocket, or applique fabric onto a shirt with these bonding strips. 

I really liked the ribbon detail on the back of the jean shorts, which allowed me to cover up the old label, and customize the shorts to have something much cuter.

Wardrobe Essentials

More traditionally, this material would be used on shortening curtains, so you don;t have to pull the sewing machine out, or make sure that you have the correct needles and materials if you do want to sew. Seriously, these strips are SO sticky, I can see this bond lasting for a very long time. Also, it is recommended that you use these permanent bonding strips with fabrics like denim, canvas, cotton, etc - as long as the fabric is not extremely lightweight (just because you could possibly see where the bonding strips are hiding). I just love these strips! I am so impressed.

Scotch™ Essentials Wardrobe Tape Strips

Last but not least, these wardrobe tape strips are skin-safe, so if you have a dress or top that has a neckline that always shows a bit too much, you can simply adhere a bit of this tape to the inside of a neckline (or problem area), and your garments will stay exactly where they need to be! 


I headed to Target in order to find some of the items I needed for this project. I found all of the Scotch™ Essentials in the sewing section by the irons and hampers. I love that aisle :) 


You only need a few materials for this fun summer no-sew DIY! 

- Jeans to cut into shorts

- Sewing pins (or you can mark with a marker)

- Scissors that will cut through jeans

- Ruler

- Scotch™ Essentials Permanent Hem Bonding Strips (Used On Shorts)

- Scotch™ Essentials Adjustable Hem Tape (Used For Fringe On Shirt)

- Scotch™ Essentials Wardrobe Tape (Just In Case Of Wardrobe Malfunctions)

Cute DIY No-Sew Project
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DIY No-Sew Shorts


1.) Lay jeans onto table, and measure 16-17" down from the waist. This will tell you where to mark the fabric to cut. I actually folded up the pant leg to get a straighter line to cut across.

Keep reading to learn how to upcycle some of your clothing and make sure you look super cute this summer! 

Cute DIY No-Sew Project

2.) Cut the first leg off where you marked your measurements, and then fold the jeans in half, and cut the other leg. I actually like how they look already! 

Cute DIY No-Sew Project

3.) Remove permanent bonding strips from package. and peel 1 paper sticker off of the backing. Careful - it's SUPER sticky! Press the sticky side onto the shorts (1 in front, and 1 in back), just near the hem line you cut. 

Remove the paper backing off of the front of the jeans, and leave the paper on the one in back.

Cute DIY No-Sew Project

4.)  Fold, or roll the hemline up about 2". Press to secure bonding strip. Now, remove the paper off the back of the jeans cuff, and again, press firmly to adhere. 

DIY No Sew Shorts
DIY No-Sew Shorts
DIY No-Sew Shorts
DIY No-Sew Shorts


And, one more way you can customize your clothes for a no-sew DIY project is to use the - Scotch™ Essentials Adjustable Hem Tape to add a bit of flair to any top or garment!

1.) Cut Scotch™ Essentials Adjustable Hem Tape strips in half lengthwise. Peel the sticker strips off of the backing, and apply the bonding strips to the entire bottom hem of the INSIDE of the shirt. The image, below, shows the strips cut in half lengthwise. 

2.) Now, peel off the paper backing left on the strips, and begin to press the top of the fringe to the inside of the shirt. 

No Sew DIY - Fringe Shirt

3.) Make sure everything is secured and dance the night away in your new fringe top!!!

DIY - Add Fringe To Any Shirt
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