Goodbye Dry Skin ~ Hello Soft Skin {with Curel®}

It's officially summer! Which means it's more important than ever to get your skin looking and feeling great. Embrace those tank tops, shorts, and adorable sandals by saying GOODBYE to dry skin, with Curél moisturizing lotion. Curél is debuting their new Hydra Therapy product which helps combat dry skin and helps you look your best during warmer weather and beyond! Be sure to check out Curél® on Facebook to get updates and to learn more. 

  • Curel® HYDRA THERAPY WET SKIN MOISTURIZER is activated by water on freshly-showered skin and penetrates deeply into the surface to heal dryness

  • After showering, your skin cells expand, which provides an easy pathway for Curel® HYDRA THERAPY WET SKIN MOISTURIZER to penetrate into just showered skin, healing the moisture barrier where it counts and helping replenish skin’s ceramide levels

  • Curel® HYDRA THERAPY WET SKIN MOISTURIZER is not greasy or sticky and has powerful healing ingredients that restore the moisture barrier

  • Apply daily & experience the end of dry skin
get summer soft skin
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get soft skin for summer!

Above, you will see some of the items that will help you keep your feet looking summer ready! 


- Curel® Hydratherapy Wet Skin Moisturizer

- Pumice Stone (in purple) - the one that is lighter weight and not very dense is the best one

- Foot scrub gel

- Foot brush

- Cute DIY Flip Flops (I glued jeweled flower charms to these!! I just love how they turned out!



- In the shower, use the foot scrub solution, pumice stone and foot brush to slough away any rough patches on your feet, ankles, and legs. This reminds me of the treatment I get at a salon during a pedicure!

- After the shower, while skin is still damp, use Curel® Hydratherapy  Wet Skin Moisturizer

- Toss on an adorable dress, and your newly decorated flip flops, and head out on your next summer adventure! 

get soft skin

I'm sharing #curelskincare, #breaktherules, and #enddryskin in my life as part of a Curel® sponsored series for Socialstars™. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep my blog a beautiful space to showcase my work! 

Another amazing way to pamper yourself this summer is to treat yourself to a lightly scented, floral candle. This one, by Voluspa is beyond amazing! The scent is great, and even without lighting the candle, your room is filled with a relaxing, fresh scent that makes you feel like a million bucks! I always keep a candle like this in the bathroom.

Also, if you are heading out, or just want to keep things organized, I wanted to recommend this adorable zipper pouch, in light pink, that says, "Ooh la la..."! Pack up some roll-on SPF, a bright lip color, and a few other essentials that you definitely want to keep by your side. 

I wanted to extend a special thanks to SocialStars for sending these extra goodies with the Curel® items. 

get summer soft skin

get summer soft skin!

I also wanted to give you a glance at the back of the bottle, because I always do my research when shopping for any bath or beauty product. 

Why Ceramides?
Ceramides, naturally present in healthy skin, are vital building blocks to maintaining skin’s moisture barrier. When ceramides are lost, skin becomes dry and damaged. Curél® HYDRA THERAPY WET SKIN MOISTURIZER, with Advanced Ceramide Complex, penetrates to the source of dryness, helping to replenish skin's ceramide levels and repair the moisture barrier.

  • Water activated moisture works deep into skin’s surface
  • Helps repair moisture barrier
  • Contains our proprietary Advanced Ceramide Complex
  • Immediately Absorbs
  • Completely Greaseless
  • Skin feels 3x more hydrated instantly
  • Fragrance Free
  • Dermatologist Recommended

I also wanted to extend a big thanks to FWS Countertops, who provided me with this gorgeous marble surface! They are about 3 blocks from my house, and have been a staple in our local community for many, many years!! 

get summer soft skin

Thank you SO very much for taking the time to check out this fun, new product from Curél®, and I hope that I have provided some wonderful Summer Skin Tips! What are your favorite ways to keep your skin smooth through the summer months and beyond?