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So excited to share this incredible company with you! While this post is long overdue, I am absolutely so thrilled with how these photos turned out. I received this beautiful Winter Solstice Box from Merkaela a little while back, and when I opened it, a burst of fresh, lovely scents came wafting at me. I love the all natural fragrances and ingredients used in their products, and think this would be an absolutely wonderful gift for someone you love, or even perfect for Mother's Day. Get 10% Off your first delivery, now.

To learn more about the Merkaela Winter Solstice Subscription Box, visit their website, here.

Hearing about all of the terrible ice storms and icky weather back home in the midwest has me hoping that all of my friends and family are staying warm and cozy inside, and don't have to venture out in unsafe conditions. To all of you who are having to brave the weather, I am sending you warm thoughts from Florida!

"Long cold winter nights bring about the perfect time to recharge, reflect, and reevaluate what’s truly important in our lives. So, over the next few months we strongly encourage you to closely and honestly reexamine all of your relationships. To be able to do so with clarity, you first have to reconnect with your own thoughts, values and desires. After all, knowing yourself is the only way to truly understand what you can contribute and take away from any given relationship - be it with a family member, friend or colleague.

This month’s Winter Solstice Box features a collection of handcrafted personal care products that are specially formulated to enhance the most important relationship in your life - the one you have with yourself. By learning to embrace and respect yourself, you will attract people who will treat you accordingly. This is why the company a person keeps is often revealing of his or her own self-worth. Therefore, it is incredibly important to surround yourself with people who appreciate exactly who you are and will help you become who you want to be.

The artisan collection of products in our Winter Solstice Box is infused with invigorating essential oils that help promote self-love. Pine, for example, will amplify your sense of self-worth, while Geranium is going to evoke feelings of peace. Frankincense can help you move closer to spiritual awareness, as Ylang Ylang and Rose will amplify your commitment to loving relationships. We’ve also included a quartz pendulum to assist you in your spiritual journey".

This incredible subscription box is one of the prettiest collections of all natural products I have ever seen. It was so fun learning more about each and every product, and also testing some of the things out. 


Venue Body Butter

Venus Body Exfoliator

Merkaela Evergreen Soap

Venue Mineral Bath

Raven Tea Potion

Honey Clay Face Mask

Nurture Lip Balm 

Cedar Smudge Stick

Clear Quartz Pendulum

Visit this page to read more abut each and every item, and to read ingredients details.

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Merkaela Subscription Box

A very special thanks to Merkaela for sending me this beautiful gift set! I love everything so much!