Best Social Fabric Influencer Content of 2016

I have some great news to share with you today! I have been a part of the Social Fabric community of bloggers since early April, and have learned so much from the posts I created with them and their brand partners. My portfolio has grown a great deal, and I have met some pretty amazing and creative bloggers and community leaders over the past year or so. 

Well, I got an email today that announced that I was creator of the Best Social Fabric Influencer Content of 2016! I am still smiling ear to ear, with goosebumps all over because of this great honor. I have been chosen from what I would imagine would be thousands (or over a thousand) creative bloggers, so this is out of this world! 

I was chosen as the Pet Winner (for my Halloween BOO Kit for Dogs that Porter helped me with). It was this adorable gift basket that I put together with DIY Dog Toys, and then gifted to my veterinarian's office) This means so much to me, and since our dogs are basically our life, that means even more. I made this mack when Porter was just an itty bitty baby - she turned 6 months old yesterday and is growing so much every day!!

Halloween Boo Basket

Check out the whole post and see all of the Best Influencer Content of 2016, here

A big huge thank you to the Social Fabric staff for including me in this honorable list of influencers. Am I dreaming?! Life is pretty amazing, and thank you so very much!