S'mores + Fall Fashion #LiveInLayers

If you love being outdoors but don't enjoy being layered up in thick, uncomfortable clothing, then you might want to give Cuddl Duds a try! Cuddl Duds is more than just a clothing brand, it's a lifestyle brand that enables comfort in every shape and form.

I feel most at home outdoors, and among nature. With cooler weather FINALLY here, I am excited to expand my Fall/Winter wardrobe with pieces that will withstand a few adventures. I am all about clothing that is comfortable, high performing, and flattering. Cuddl Duds checks all the boxes! These clothing fit extremely well - nothing was too tight or too lose, just perfect. 

Perfect for a walk in the woods, a day with friends, or cuddling up on the couch with a good magazine or movie, these clothes are really wonderful. 

BONUS RECIPE: Pumpkin Sugar Cookie S'mores (Video)

Watch the video above to get the recipe details.

Pumpkin Cookie S'Mores Recipe

The smell of a pine forest on a cool day ALWAYS makes me happy! I love getting out for some fresh air.

The shirt was probably my favorite of all the pieces. It's SUPER soft, nice and stretchy and unlike a lot of similar styles of shirts, this one fit exceptionally well. Sometimes, I find that more form fitting shirts like this can be tight under the arms, but I was able to wear this shirt all day while moving around and had no issues at all! These clothes would be amazing for traveling, since they would not wrinkle and the shirt would take up hardly any room in your luggage. I really appreciate high quality clothing that is lightweight but is still warm and comfortable! I just love multi-use, multi-occasion clothing pieces that are so versatile like these ones.

Below, you can see the fleece hooded jacket, which is going to be perfect to bundle up on a chilly day soon.

Do you have any fun plans for the Fall? What are some of your favorite ways to enjoys a crisp autumn day?

Cuddl Duds For Fall!

Here are a few more goodies from Cuddl Duds