Good Fortunes + Delicious Date Night Ideas With Tai Pei

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Looking to make your next date night a little more special? In order to have a fun date, you definitely don't need to even leave the house to enjoy a fancy dinner, just the two of you. Imagine no distractions, great memories, and a delicious, restaurant-quality meal that takes only minutes to make. I have some fun and thoughtful ways you can include this new and delicious Fried Rice into your next evening together. Whether you're new to Asian Food, or always prefer it to other meals, keep reading to learn more about making your date night extra special!

Tai Pei has introduced a new line of Single Serve Entrees, available at Walmart. 

Shrimp Fried Rice

What is your dream date night?

If you said, "Netflix and Chill", then we are on the same page. While it may not seem important to set aside some down time, I am a full believer in the therapeutic powers of relaxing together. Wear something cute, or wear something comfortable, it's all up to you, on how you want to set the mood :)

I love looking back at all the fun times we have had when we turn off the phones, make a delicious dinner, and actually make ourselves sit down and watch a full movie or TV series. We really don't get that much time to enjoy movies - we sometimes put on a movie before heading to bed but one of us falls asleep, or just watch a show on demand every few nights, but we are so busy with photography projects that any time spent with media is generally work related. 

So, dedicating some time to just enjoy each others company is wonderful. I love the idea of making a date night dinner, but sometimes a huge intensive, fancy meal is not necessary. These Tai Pei meals made dinner a BREEZE!

Shrimp Fried Rice! YUM!!

Good Fortunes

I embellished these awesome fortune cookies for us to enjoy during our date night.


1.) Lay out fortune cookies onto lined sheet pan

2.) Melt white chocolate or colored candy melts until smooth. I used a mixture of white and yellow candy melts for mine. Pour sprinkles into a shallow dish.

3.) Working one cookie at a time, dip half of the fortune cookie into melted chocolate and press the fortune cookies into the sprinkles to attach them. Any place that did not get covered, use your fingers to sprinkle a few more sprinkles onto the cookies. Place onto sheet pan, and repeat with each cookie until done.

Embellished Fortune Cookies

Date Night Necessities

I love the idea of adding special touches to the meal. After cooking the entrees, which I was able to heat up on my stovetop (microwave would have worked well also!), I carefully transferred the Fried Rice dishes into cute bowls, and placed them on smaller, patterned plates. This sort of presentation makes for a beautiful and elegant surprise!

Some other special touches I added included a few Fall scented candles from Walmart, and LOTS of comfy-cozy blankets and pillows in faux fur and velvets.

Broccoli Beef Fried Rice

Tai Pei’s real, quality ingredients and fresh taste! Above, I enjoyed the Broccoli Beef quite a bit! That is always my go-to at a restaurant, and I loved the fresh ginger taste and aroma this dish contained. All new, great tasting dishes with exceptional flavor in each meal and a range of tasty entrées. All entrees are made with real, pure ingredients, and no preservatives or artificial ingredients.

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Tai Pei
Shrimp Fried Rice

Above, the Shrimp Fried Rice was awesome! You get a ton of shrimp inside, in addition to lots of other delicious veggies and rice. Eliminate the boredom of typical, everyday meals, with so many choices and interesting, delicious dishes. Great options for meals at home or even while traveling. When we are on the road, we tend to arrive at our destination pretty late at night. Instead of ordering pizza to the room, we tend to have a more fulfilling meal by grabbing groceries at a grocery store or a Walmart, then prepping them and making them in the room. Their ew packaging also makes Tai Pei quick and simple to prepare in just minutes in the microwave.

Delicious Date Night Ideas!
Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies
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