Concert Road Trip And Fashion Tips + Enter To Win Guns N' Roses Tickets! #DotComDIY

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Cute Concert Outfit + Tips #DotComDIY

"Sorry for getting that song into your head", I said to my friends as I showed them a few pictures from this post. I am referring to the song "Sweet Child Of Mine" by Guns N' Roses of course! I was not actually sorry at all, I love so many of the songs from the iconic band!! I grew up listening to Guns N' Roses and it would be incredible to attend one of their concerts on their upcoming "Not In This Lifetime" tour!

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If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I absolutely LOVE to travel, and one major reason my boyfriend and I travel is to attend live concerts! We even mark our anniversary as the first date we traveled and saw a concert together! So, live music is incredibly important to me, and a topic I know a lot about. I am excited to share some concert travel tips with you, and share a cute concert outfit I'd definitely wear to a Guns N' Roses show. 

We live about two hours from St. Louis, 5+ hours from Chicago and about 3 hours from Nashville and Memphis. That makes our little town of Carbondale, IL a pretty centralized place located between lots of cities that get great touring bands. So, while we tend to have to travel to most concerts, we are more than happy to do so because we are always very prepared. We always make sure to have a quart or two of 5W-30 Pennzoil Platinum in our car too, and I tend to prefer full synthetic oils for our higher mileage car. 

Cute Concert Outfit + Tips #DotComDIY
Guns N Roses


1.) If you get the chance, I'd recommend getting dressed and ready either before you leave home or once you get to the hotel if you have time. If you are cutting it short on time, and will only have time to drop your bags and run to the show, then definitely plan ahead. Pack light if you're only staying a night or two! 

2.) Always eat before the concert! I always try to pack snacks and refreshments in the car. Even if you have time to grab dinner and drinks before the concert, you will still possibly want a midnight snack after the show. Room service is EXPENSIVE and most resturaunts won't be open after the show unfortunately. 

If you're at a show, chances are that food and concessions lines will be long and if you're looking for food, you may miss several songs. So, eating ahead of time then begins to seem like a really good idea. Also, pack breakfast if you're staying overnight. While some hotels offer breakfast, I try to fend off hunger with something as simple as a granola bar and fruit - they will really do you well after a night of dancing and having fun!

3.) Always Go For Comfy! If you're going to be road tripping to your destination AND expected to stay comfortable all night at a concert, then I'd recommend choosing comfortable footwear, and clothes that are not extremely tight. You can still look super cute without having to fidget and adjust your outfit all night! Rocking out in a band tee, like the one I am modeling in this post, will make for the best memories and you're going to fit in with the crowd really well. 

I thought that this Rose Embroidered Denim Jacket, pictured below, (find a similar jacket at Walmart here) was perfect for a Guns N' Roses show, and looked wonderful with the band tee! Just give me a flower crown of red roses, and I'm golden :) 
Cute Concert Outfit + Tips #DotComDIY

4.) Use Those Accessories. What's more fun than adding some flair and unique personality to your outfit? I loved incorporating black and chrome colored jewelry and my funky colored sunglasses.

5.) Scale Down Your Purse. If you're lucky enough to attend a concert on a cooler night, then use those jacket pockets to carry your wallet, keys, and phone. Or, scale down your everyday purse to a backpack style or crossbody purse. Even a small wallet, like the one I found in store at Walmart, with "Party Funds" on it - how cute!!

Cute Concert Outfit + Tips #DotComDIY

5.) If you're up for it, do your hair and makeup a little bit more than a day time look. Feel free to test out cute, trendy lip colors and shimmery eye shadow. I also try to wear my hair down when possible, I love dancing with my hair being able to freely wave!

6.) Concert fashion is a super fun way to express yourself, so go ahead and wear something you LOVE and feel great in.

Cute Concert Outfit #DotComDIY
Cute Concert Outfit + Tips #DotComDIY


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Cute Concert Outfit + Tips #DotComDIY