BOO-Ya! It’s a Welch’s Halloween Party

This post is sponsored by Welch’s® Fruit Snacks. I am being compensated for this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

I am SO excited for Halloween, I cannot even explain it! I wanted to share some tips on setting up a beautiful and stylish Halloween party, and by using a little bit of your DIY spirit, you can host a stylish Halloween party that will never be forgotten. I am a lover of all things Halloween, and the Halloween treats are probably my favorite part. I have always loved Welch’s products, and when the opportunity arose to create a Halloween Party Post inspired by their new Fruit Rolls, I jumped on the opportunity!

Halloween Party

Impress your guests with the cutest décor in black and white, and invite them to make sweet, lasting memories for many years to come. This black and white theme turned out so great, scroll down to get the full details!

Luckily, fruit is the first ingredient in these little treats – they display that fact proudly on the front of every package. They have 100% of the daily value of Vitamin C and 25% daily value of Vitamins A & E. These Welch’s Fruit Rolls are super fun to eat, and I really enjoyed the Berry flavor – perfect for a longer lasting treat than a small bite of something! Unroll the fun in this fun, new format!

I always love to glam-up my dessert tables, because we eat with our eyes first! I knew guests would gravitate towards the Welch’s Fruit Rolls right away, and the purple labels are so berry-liscious! I placed them in a rectangular, white dish that has gold dots on it. What a fun way to provide treats to those who love them.

I began designing my party table by adding a white crushed velvet tablecloth, which is a material that is so popular right now. I then added a few wooden crates and a white photo storage boxes to add some height, and bring the treats and décor up to eye level. I love the stark contrast that the black pumpkins and skulls create atop all of the light, white surfaces!

These awesome glitter bats really livened up the party décor! I loved how they created such an impactful graphic that was so eye-catching.

One budget-friendly tip would be to start looking for décor at a dollar store first. Try to make things work for you, or even figure out how to paint certain items to fit your theme.

Below, you will see these awesome, trendy black pumpkins I painted! Most stores were selling pumpkins for nearly $10-20 each, so when I found the orange, Styrofoam ones at the dollar store, I painted them with acrylic water based paint (2 coats), and they looked great!

NOTE: Never paint Styrofoam with spray paint, because it will start eating away at your Styrofoam. I used a nice quality foam brush and two coats of black acrylic craft paint on each pumpkin. What do you think of them?

It’s so fun to go a little above and beyond in décor AND snacking choices! Welch’s Fruit Snacks, Fruit Rolls are my go to choice!

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Here are a few more shots from the setup! I hope you enjoy new Welch’s Fruit Rolls available in 3 delicious varieties: Berry, White Grape, Strawberry and Tropical Punch. They are delicious!!!

Above, caramel popcorn packaged in little Halloween paper bags really set the mood for Halloween.

Below, I wrapped star printed scrapbooking paper around each glass bottle, and also included these fun black and white striped paper straws to add to the color scheme.

I want to extend a very special thanks to Welch’s Fruit Rolls for sponsoring this post and inspiring me to celebrate Halloween in such a fun way. Enjoy!