The Gift of Treating Yourself This Holiday Season

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Oregon Chai®. The opinions and text are all mine.

Why is it that as the days get shorter during the fall and winter seasons, we seem to have more to do than ever? The holidays can be a never-ending series of to-do lists, running errands, grocery shopping, cooking and baking projects, entertaining friends, and for us bloggers and entrepreneurs, the work load seems to quadruple! For some of us, the end of the year marks that time when we try to make up for all that we did not get done throughout the year. With all that in mind, it’s fun to be able to give yourself the gift of less stress, meaning more relaxation and ‘me time,’ which improves your overall health from the inside out.

It’s so very important to take a bit of time to relax during the holiday season and treat yo’ self! I had the pleasure of trying out a very delicious recipe lately, featuring Oregon Chai® Latte Concentrate – The Original.

There are additional recipes on the site as well as a Meijer mPerks offer! Meijer has three flavors: The Original, Sugar-Free, and Slightly Sweet.

Good karma every sip of the way! I did some research on the brand and I am so inspired to learn that, “More than 20 years ago, Oregon Chai’s founder traveled to the Himalayas to discover taste inspiration. She found chai. She was the first to bring it to the United States. Today Oregon Chai is America’s No. 1 favorite chai. Chai tea lattes are moving mainstream, and the flavor is absolutely perfect for a chilly day.”

Delicious Chai Tea!

Instead of rushing through life, trying to tackle that massive to-do list all at once, don’t burn the candle at both ends or stress can get the best of us.

Delicious Chai Tea For The Holidays!

I love taking a little technology detox and practice breathing exercises, stretching, and yoga. In my opinion, this tea actually encourages relaxation while offering a little boost of energy because of the caffeine. I found that taking a breather to sip a warm glass of tea helped rejuvenate me more than I could have ever expected.

Delicious Chai Tea

Get this two-ingredient Chai Cider Recipe. To make a 12 oz. cup, simply steam equal parts Oregon Chai The Original Chai Tea Latte Concentrate and Apple Cider until warm, and enjoy! This is the perfect fall drink, and it’s delicious. Feel free to add a bit more agave or a sweetener of your choice and enjoy.

I am definitely someone who has trouble taking time to myself. I love staying busy and going out of my way to make sure those around me are happy. That brings me great joy, but it can drain me. I sometimes get to the point of needing a refresher or a little extra boost, in order to reflect on all that I have accomplished – which makes ME happy!

I do get stuck sometimes, though and I feel like if I am relaxing, I should be productive in some way or another while relaxing. I rarely find the time to set aside the to do list and just be. To breathe, to meditate, and to enjoy the fact that I am giving my body a rest – it works hard for me, so I should treat it right by nourishing it with delicious treats like one of the recipes featured in this post.

I find that if I have a warm drink in hand, it helps relax me and helps soothe my busy mind. I am not really a coffee person, but a couple of years ago, I started really enjoying tea.

Oregon Chai believes in using organic and 100% natural ingredients whenever humanly possible. They make an exception for certain things, like the Splenda that sweetens their Sugar-Free blend.

Shake well. Refrigerate once open. Preparation and Inspiration: Who would have dreamed a rich, creamy chai latte could be this easy? Combine equal amounts of Oregon Chai concentrate and milk (or any dairy substitute). Hot Chai Latte: Heat mixture using stove top, microwave or steaming wand. Ice Chai Latte: Pour mixture over ice. For delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert recipes you can make with Oregon Chai, visit Use within four weeks.

Delicious Chai Tea

Another great recipe is the “Choynilla” – this one looks delicious! It’ contains 4 oz. soy milk (although coconut milk would be amazing too), 4 oz. Oregon Chai Tea Latte - The Original and 1 oz. vanilla syrup. Heat chai and soy, then add vanilla syrup and top with whipped cream if desired.

I love how comfy and cozy this tea makes me feel! A great way to enjoy your ‘me time’ is to treat yourself to some cute slippers, leggings, and sweet treats. I found that red velvet cookies with white chocolate chips tasted awesome with my tea. 

You can find Oregon Chai Tea at Meijer. Make sure you look at the bottom shelf, that’s where I found my Oregon Chai Tea Latte! I would have missed it if I didn’t look closer!

Delicious Chai Tea

The holidays are joyous, wonder-filled, and let's face it, hectic!  Make sure to gift yourself with a sweet and spice break that adds calm to your day.  Thanks to Oregon Chai and Meijer, you'll find time to savor and save on the creamy, indulgent taste that makes for the perfect balance this festive season.

Delicious Chai Tea!