Amazing Handmade Gifts From Amazon Handmade

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Ordering custom gifts through Bison Hill Stonecrafts on Amazon Handmade was a wonderful experience. Amazon Handmade should be on every customer's mind this holiday season! You can find something for just about everyone, and it feels amazingly rewarding to buy handmade! This is our opportunity to help to support these artists and the handmade community in general. When you order from Amazon Handmade, you get Prime 2-Day Shipping, which is such a treat!

I ordered two different sizes of a custom Black Slate Cheese Boards and I could not be happier. The arrival of this handmade, custom gift is even more special, because we had just stepped into the door from a long drive (over 2 days), after visiting the very friends I am giving this gift to. I saw the boxes from Amazon Handmade, and I was literally doing my happy dance :)

I opened the two boxes immediately, and I was greeted with the most amazing Slate Cheese Boards in the outline of Montana I have ever seen. I requested custom engraving to make the presents even more special, and I was amazed with how perfect everything looked. I can only imagine how happy these gifts will make for our good friends! 

 I emailed Andrew Church, the owner and creator of these beautiful goods, and expressed my gratitude. He quickly replied with a kind email thanking me, and letting me know he was very happy with the gifts as well. I would definitely order from him again!

NOTE: Order ASAP for all custom orders!!!

Custom State Outline Slate Cheese Board

The cheese boards were packaged in strong gift boxes, with the beautiful Bison Hill logo impressed in gold. There were two pieces of dense foam inside each box, to protect the boards, which are somewhat fragile. The cheese boards are upscale, elegant, and laser cut to perfection. Each edge is smooth, and even though there were difficult, curved edges on the state outline, they are all 100% perfect! The boards also have rubber feet on the bottoms, so they are raised off the table a bit. 

Care instructions are enclosed, which made care and cleaning very easy. Using soap and water, and hand washing is recommended. After there were meat and cheese on these boards, they washed up really, really well. 


Custom State Outline Slate Cheese Board
Custom State Outline Slate Cheese Board

As an artist myself, I cherish and value handmade gifts more than any other. While I wish I could make everyone gifts each holiday season, I don't exactly have the time. I love the fact that I was able to reach out to the artist personally and let Andrew know that his handmade goods will make my friends very, very happy. The craftsmanship is much better that anything I could find locally, or really anywhere else online too!

Custom Engraved Cheese Boards (Handmade)

These Custom Cheese Boards are available in a variety of materials, colors, and sizes. You can request any state or shape that you would like, and I had the option of about 15 different fonts. If I had another font style, I could have also requested that instead.

In addition to these fine goods, many other artists have items available on Amazon Handmade. The community is really inspiring. Below, the home page of Amazon Handmade - there are lots of great items, perfect for gifting!

Amazon Handmade


I ordered a couple more non-custom items as well, and I will share those with you this weekend. Everything is really lovely, and I would DEFINITELY order from Amazon Handmade again soon.


Amazing Handmade Gifts on Amazon Handmade #ad #IC #AmazonHandmade