Change Your Home, Change Your Life with Color: What's Your Color Story? (Moll Anderson Book Launch) And Sea Glass Drink Recipe

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What's your favorite color?

What's Your Favorite color? I had the chance to explore my favorite color family, turquoise, in this post, inspired by an amazing new book, that will be available at Target soon called, Change Change Your Home, Change Your Life with Color: What's Your Color Story? by Moll Anderson. Get Your Copy On March 14th!

Have you ever heard that, whatever color you tend to gravitate towards, and love to surround yourself with can positively impact not just our surroundings, but our mood, behavior, and emotions?

The book will be available to the public on March 14, 2017. Moll Anderson is an insightful author, designer, and philanthropist (among many other things), and as I read through her book, I was taken back to my days in college as an art and design major. Color Theory was one of my very favorite topics, and I am so fortunate to be able to use my keen eye for color and design in my daily work as a blogger, curator, and photographer. I am so excited to share the news that I will be posting a Before and After style post of my room on March 16th. It needed a pop of color, and it looks absolutely incredible. Can't wait to show you the end result soon.

For now, I wanted to give you a little sneak peek at her book, and share a cocktail recipe!

Before and After Room With Pops Of Color

"Our feelings about color are deeply rooted and emotionally based on our personal lives, and the powerful effect of color is most evident in our homes, where it impacts our moods, behaviors, and emotions. Understanding why you love and dislike certain colors is key to exploring your own personal color story, opening you up to embracing the colors that will renew, revamp, and revitalize your home and life". - an excerpt from Anderson's book.

I also became incredibly inspired by the color coordinated photo collages throughout the book, so I made my own! Being near the turquoise ocean and seafoam everything in the Florida Keys recently, which inspired my color choices for this post as well. Here are some of the images I shot while there.

Before and After Room With Pops Of Color
Before and After Room With Pops Of Color

Above, you see one page from her book, which will show you what you can expect from each color section. I had so much fun browsing the book, and its sections are in rainbow order - even better! 


To make this delicious cocktail, mix pineapple juice, blue curacao, white rum, a bit of simple syrup, and pour over ice. Garnish with a few pineapple leaves and a splash of fresh lime. I thought this tasted incredible. Moll Anderson provides a cocktail in EVERY COLOR in her new book (even a Black Martini that features bleu cheese! And, a gorgeous hibiscus cocktail that looks out of this world good).

Sea Glass Cocktail Recipe

In addition to creating a number of delicious cocktails, here are just a few of Moll's achievements:

"Moll Anderson is an accomplished author, television and radio host, inspirational interior designer, life stylist, and advocate for women and children globally. 

Moll’s career has been filled with many professional achievements, including winning an Emmy for her work as an entertainment reporter; being chosen as one of Donna Karan’s Women Who Inspire; and as a three-time recipient of the Gracie Awards, twice (2013, 2014) for Outstanding Host Lifestyle program for The Moll Anderson Show and (2015) for Outstanding On-Air Talent: Lifestyle/Health Program, as a contributor on The Doctors – Stage 29 Productions. The Gracies™ recognize outstanding programing created by women and about women, as well as individuals who make exemplary contributions to the industry".

Sea Glass Cocktail Recipe

I am so honored to have been chosen to share this fun post about Moll's new book! What color will you decide to incorporate into your home and lifestyle next? Let me know in the comments below.