Tips On Getting Fit For Your Cruise (Or How To Get Fit Any Time Of The Year)

So excited to share my first of 5 posts that I created to share on my Dedicated Pinterest Board for Royal Caribbean! I wanted to share some tips on getting ready for your cruise, that are super easy to incorporate into your life, a month or two before your cruise. These tips are nothing extremely challenging, just simple life changes that will ultimately help you in the long run anyway. 

Super excited also for my Dedicated Pinterest Board that I created for Royal Caribbean, which I will be pinning awesome images to all month long. Find It Here! Have you ever been on a cruise, or do you plan on cruising this year at any point? Let me know in the comments, below! 

Get Fit For Your Cruise! Lily The Wandering Gypsy

1.) Drink More Water

This is something that I love doing - since cutting back on most fruit juices and soft drinks that are insanely high in sugar, sodium, and calories, I tend to crave ice cold water instead of something sugary. Drinking lots and lots of water is one way to get ready for your cruise that doesn't really require a ton of effort, which makes it easy to incorporate into your life. 

2.) Walk & Exercise Regularly

Whether you have a dog or walking buddy, or not, try to incorporate 15-30 minute walks every day. Taking this to the next level of walking at a brisk pace, or a light jog will definitely get your heart pumping, working the most important muscle in your entire body. I have found an infinite amount of yoga, Zumba, and workout videos on YouTube, and they're completely FREE! What an amazing way to be able to work out in the comfort of your own home, being able to take breaks whenever you need, and being able to have a huge glass of ice water within reach when you need to take a pause. 

3.) Cut Out Greasy Foods

One way to consume less greasy foods is to not allow yourself to eat anything fried. While this may be hard at first, your body will truly thank you! Also, eating out at restaurants is the hardest place to avoid greasy foods, so eating a few more meals at home will help transition you into consuming way less grease.

4.) Eat More Fruits & Veggies


Find fun ways to prepare and present fresh fruits and vegetables, and you will surely eat more of them. Perhaps a fruit salad or a yogurt dish with granola and fruit piled high would be a great breakfast or snack option. Also, steamed vegetables with a touch of seasoning taste absolutely amazing, and are very low in fats and other bad-for-you ingredients.

What are your favorite ways to get in shape before a cruise or summer vacation? Let me know in the comments, below!