Packing Tips For Your Next Cruise

A little while back, I had the honor of creating some content on Pinterest for Royal Caribbean Cruises! I got to create a Dedicated Pinterest Board, where I shared my content and other thematic pins. It shot some gorgeous photos while we were in the Florida Keys, in the Caribbean. What a fun project! Also, a special thanks to HelloSociety for helping to make this project possible.

Below, you will find a very detailed list of what to pack, and what items to leave at home. 

What To Pack For A Cruise

In this post, I want to share some packing tips, for your next cruise! We went on a Hawaiian Island cruise years ago, and have traveled to lots of other tropical vacation spots since then. I am always trying to figure out what to pack, and what to leave behind. I often see people packing way too many things, and just bringing along items that they will never use. It also saves money to not purchase these unnecessary items while planning for a cruise or tropical vacation. 

What To Pack For A Cruise


Cute sandals

Comfortable walking sandals (MUCH cuter than sneakers for exploring)

Flats Dressy heels (that don’t take up much room)

Waterproof pool/beach sandals

Light hiking sneakers Water shoes



Motion Sickness Meds

Aspirin/Pain Reliever, etc.


2 Bathing suits

1-2 long pants

2-3 shorts

3 tank tops

2-3 t-shirts

3-4 dresses (1 long) 1 dress up outfit


1-2 pairs of socks

Rain Jacket

1-2 Lightweight Hoodies

1 cardigan or denim jacket (versatile color)

Bring items that can be worn many times to save space.

TOILETRY ITEMS: (put into smaller bottles when possible)

Makeup (minimal items, but add 2 cute lipsticks)

SPF (a major must!!)

Body and facial lotion

Shower items like shampoo, conditioner, body and face wash, etc.

Deodorant and perfume if you like

Feminine Products

XS Hair Dryer Curling Iron/Hair Straightener

Nail Clippers, Nail File, Etc

Ziploc Bags (big and small)

Waterproof Phone Case

XS Extension Cord for room


Only costume jewelry (nothing expensive)

Larger Travel Purse Smaller

Cute Purse for shopping and meal time

Brimmed Hat (for sunny days)

1-2 pairs of sunglasses

Beach Bag or Backpack for day excursions

Reusable Water Bottle

Journal and Pens/Pencil Lightweight Reusable Shopping Bag (opt)

What To Pack For A Cruise
What To Pack For A Cruise


Warm items like hats and gloves (it will be WARM in these tropical locations)

Warm, heavy clothing.

Bring lightweight options that you can layer up if you’re chilly.

Ill fitting or too tight clothes - these won’t get worn and will take up precious space. Loose, breezy comfortable clothes will be much more flattering and comfortable.

Always try on everything before packing it, and look in a mirror in good lighting.

Never bring uncomfortable or clunky luggage, bags, or purses - they will burden you and cut into your shoulders.


Never bring uncomfortable shoes, no matter how cute they are.

Ugly, worn out sneakers - you will stick out like a tourist if you’re wearing these, and you might as well dress cute every day.


Alcohol (usually not permitted on ship).

Too many food items/snacks - unless you’re on a strict diet, there will be tons of snacks available, and they take up lots of space in your luggage).

Too many electronics will only take up room in your bag and surfaces in room. Also make sure to research whether or not wifi will be available in rooms.

Heavy books or excessive reading materials weigh a ton - bring an e-reader when possible.

Transfer all soaps and liquids into smaller bottles - you will only be gone about a week.

Towels - the ship will usually provide towels for showers and by the pool or beach.

Snorkel Gear, Flippers, Goggles, etc. - these items are often available to rent for a very small price, and take up WAY too much room in your luggage to make them worthwhile.

Prescription goggles are recommended if you do need to bring them.