Clay Lick Creek Pottery - Handmade In Southern Illinois

We were so fortunate to meet Karen Fiorino, the creative artist behind Clay Lick Creek Pottery. Her ceramics studio is nestled in a cabin-like building on her property, nestled among the tress and gorgeous surroundings of the Shawnee National Forest. She creates every single piece by hand - no molds are used here, then each piece is also hand painted. Some items are made in smaller series, and some of her creations are available year-round. She uses her natural surrounds to inspire her art, and I am very excited to share them with you today.

More About Karen

I’ve been creating functional pottery for about 20 years, starting with a few classes in ceramics on the advice of a good friend who informed me, “To take real classes in pottery and use the opportunity of subsidized courses working at the University gave me”. Thus started my journey in clay. I fell in love with the process, bought a wheel, paid off the truck and quit my job to pursue a life of art. I sell my pottery at various local and regional art fairs to sell my work, and am well received in these markets. — January 2010 marked my beginning opening my shop on Etsy and having the whole world have a peek of my work.

I named my clay studio, Clay Lick Creek Pottery after the name of the creek that flows across the land where I live. and specialize in functional pottery making serving bowls, mugs and other fun pieces featuring a majolica glaze decorated in brilliant colors over a red earthenware body. Each item is hand formed or hand thrown on a potter’s wheel, trimmed, and allowed to dry for approximately 1 week depending on size, density and air humidity before it is bisque fired. This stage of firing takes 16-18 hours and is then followed by a 24 hour cooling period. The white background is applied using an opaque, lead free Majolica glaze, and then hand painted using a mason stain/ frit combination. The pottery pieces are then fired again for approximately 8 hours, and after another cooling for another 24 hours, the charming wares are ready for the world and all that they may be used for. All of the pieces are food safe, and the smaller bowls and mugs may be used in the microwave for heating times of less than three minutes. To clean, they may be hand washed or placed on the top rack of a dishwasher.

“I believe people should have beautiful objects in their homes and use these beautiful objects in their everyday life. Nature inspires me, from the smallest to the largest of creatures-from the colors of geological formations to the colors of the sunrise and sunset. Ideas come to me from my zoological background (did I mention my education experience? I have a B.S. and M.A. in Zoology, specializing in Ichthyology (fish) and I draw a lot of my inspiration from this), a little dream work and images which many may not come to think. Add to that a little bit of humor and what appears is a palette of vibrant, joyful and whimsical designs that come to life on my pottery.

“Oftentimes, I have no idea what my work will look like until I am done, the designs simply develop while I am working on them. My goal for each piece is that when people come in contact with my work, they will experience joy and positive energy. One of my favorite things to hear from people who have my work, is how much they enjoy my pottery, how it makes them happy. If one of my purposes in life is to spread happiness, I believe I am succeeding one person at a time”—Karen
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Hand Painted Sunflower Coffee Mug

These ceramics are such show pieces! Serve your favorite veggies or appetizers in them for a beautifully colorful presentation!

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Mandala Bowls - Hand Painted Ceramics by Clay Lick Creek Pottery

Breakfast Idea:

Serve guests vanilla yogurt and beautiful bowls of fresh fruits and granola to make their own parfaits.

Enjoy the beauty of southern Illinois with Clay Lick Creek Pottery