A Romantic Outfit Idea

I found the cutest outfit, that would be great for vacation in a warmer place, or even Valentine's Day if you're somewhere a bit warmer. This jumpsuit looked way better in person than I ever could have imagined, and now I am wanting to buy nearly every jumpsuit I come in contact with! It was incredibly comfy and with a bit of a higher waist, it kind of elongated my torso. It was stretchy and would be adorable paired with any sort of jacket, cropped or longer in length.

I worked with Kohl's and Hello Society on our last of five photoshoots, and I think this is my favorite one of all. We visited a beach area near the vacation rental house on Fort Myers Beach, and I loved how the palm trees lined the boardwalk, it made for one of my favorite photoshoot locations ever!

I don't even really dress up that often, but I had a lot of fun primping and prepping for this cute outfit. I added some Dutch braids in my hair, and loved how the jewelry really brought the whole outfit together. 

These HEELS!! Something for a special occasion, like Valentine's Day or a fun date night would be great. Now, I wouldn't recommend wearing them if you're walking super far, but if you're just heading to sit at dinner, or need something absolutely adorable to wear for portraits, family photos, or more, then, these would be amazing. They are show stoppers for sure, and while I paired them with a dark grey outfit, I could see them looking great with a vintage cut dress of some sort, either right above knee length or mid calf perhaps. 

I also researched the best nail polish color to put on your toes when wearing red heels, and most articles recommended either a red that is the exact color of the heels, or nude, to avoid competing shades of red, plus, the nude nail polish elongates the look of your legs, which makes total sense!

Hope you enjoy! Sending you warm wishes from Florida! 

Great Fall Outfit Ideas at Kohl's

Fall is quite literally the BEST season ever. When I get a little glimpse of a chilly, cool night, I am practically giddy every time a cool breeze blows through the house. I am one who love to layer up, and put on all the Fall clothes at once :)

I was super excited to get the opportunity to create a series of posts about outfits I find at Kohl's over the next few months. HelloSociety is absolutely amazing, and I could not imagine a more perfect time of year to share some of my favorite fashion ideas. 

This is the first outfit that I found from Apt. 9. I was inspired to curate a look that would be great for a 9-5 office setting, but also look cute after work for a date, dinner, or even running a few errands on the way home too. Keep reading to get links to everything you see here in the post!

I loved shopping at Kohl's both in-store and online. And, it has quickly become my favorite store in town. I cannot believe their large selection of clothing for seriously EVERY occasion, as well as home goods that I have already used in a recipe that I will be posting in the next week (stay tuned)!!

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Note - I created this work as sponsored Pinterest content for Kohl's and HelloSociety. Hopefully this post inspires you to shop Kohl's and their large line of Apt. 9 items this Fall!