VSCO - My Image Was Featured!

I got word that one of my very first VSCO Cam images was featured today! So cool, as I really love their app and available filters. I have been running every iPhone pic through the editor before either posting it to Instagram or even my blog. Check out all the featured images here.


It's funny, because I believe VSCO attracts a certain type of person. Your follower count isn't visible to anyone, you can't comment on photos, and you can't even really like images, from what I can tell. I think it would be fun to have access to your metrics, but for now I'm fine with VSCO Cam just the way it is! It's SO very different from Instagram, that I think someone who immerses themselves into the world of VSCO is really utilizing it for themselves above anyone else. Your images actually display as a really nice portfolio, though. It's very genuine. You can either post photos to your grid, or do photo stories as "journal" entries, without any text. 

Have you ever used VSCO? If so, tell us what you think, and feel free to share your link below!

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My Week In Images

The weather has gotten much warmer (and way more humid) in the past 2 weeks here in southern Illinois. I also found a new way to share my photos! I finally figured out the VSCO app, and now I absolutely LOVE the filters they offer! There are a few really good ones, and I like how they don't just make your photos look dark and flat, like some of the Instagram filters. You can also save these images to your cameraroll on your phone, and upload them via Instagram. Check out my photos here! 

Head on over to my VSCO page to see more!

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