How To Make Cold Brew Coffee For Spring with Dunkin’ Donuts

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Spring is here, and I am so excited for warmer weather. I will admit, we were lucky to get such a mild winter, but getting ready for warmer weather means that I have more projects on the to do list and that calls for coffee! I am someone who has to stay organized, so I have been working on my spring to do list for over a month now!

Do you start planning for spring ahead of time, or do you wait until the weather is for sure perfect to get started? Either way, Dunkin’ Donuts® Cold Brew is here to help! Get that craft coffee experience right in your own home with very minimal effort – it’s SO easy!

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Dunkin' Donuts Cold Brew coffee packs provide a more balanced & blended coffee forward taste as a result of its craft brewing method.

By steeping the coffee packets in water for 8-12 hours, every little nuances of rich, delicious flavor has a chance to come forth and satisfy your taste buds! Drink it black, or enjoy a simple coffee recipe, which I have provided in this post.

Just imagine all of the amazing iced coffee recipes you can create from Dunkin’s Cold Brew.


Step 1: Put 2 Coffee Filter packs (1 pouch) into a pitcher

Step 2: Fill the pitcher with 4 cups of cold water

Step 3: Steep it in the fridge overnight, or for 8–12 hours

Step 4: When it’s done steeping, remove the filters and add 3 more cups of cold water. Customize and enjoy! I added 1-2 Tbsp of sweetened vanilla syrup, also located in Meijer’s coffee aisle, plus about ¼ cup or more of your favorite creamer, all poured over ice. Feel free to add more sweetener if you like, but this tasted amazing!

Watch my video, below, to see how simple it is!

I have been really cherishing coffee a lot more lately than I used to. Maybe it’s because I am inspired by the creative boost it gives me, and perhaps that means a LOT to me :)

In the last few years, I have been training my taste buds to love coffee and all its wonderful, energizing benefits! The added boost is actually what has drawn me to enjoying coffee in the first place, but I also love the fact that I have had some of the best and most meaningful conversations over a cup of coffee. While it’s still a bit chilly out right now, I have been checking the forecast and there are glimpses of warm days ahead in less than two weeks! Here in southern Illinois, we are already starting to see green blades of grass popping out of the leaves, tulip buds and other flowers in their beginning stages, and I am SO excited to get the house and garden ready for spring.

Last year, we really began to invest more time and money into our garden. It was almost a bit sad to prep everything for winter, but each year, I know that I will learn more, and also understand what vegetables, herbs, plants, and flowers will grow on our property. What works well in shade, what works well in full sun, what works best in early spring, and what works best in the crazy heat and humidity of our southern Illinois summers. It’s all such a fun learning experience, and I documented our garden as mush as possible so that this year, I would be able to approach the garden in more of an educated manner.

I am also going to help my mom get her garden ready for spring, too, so I plan on bringing a box of the Dunkin’ Cold Brew with me, brewing the coffee in the fridge overnight, then experimenting with several different coffee recipes, which will make our gardening day even more fun and productive. My mom has ALWAYS been a coffee drinker, as long as I can remember, so it’s going to be super fun to bond over something I made for her!

I began with premixed coffee drinks, then started ordering coffee at coffee shops. Well, those options are great when you are in a rush, but I found that the process of making and brewing coffee is one of my favorite parts of the experience, so I make it at home a lot more now.

My mom is actually the person who taught me about gardening. She would save the plants at the garden center that were on their last leg, and then a few weeks later, when I saw her garden again, the plants looked like they were happier than ever. This year should be a fun time to bond over gardening, and it’s going to be great. My mom is going to LOVE this cold brew coffee too – she said she has never tried it before and is eager to learn more.

Did you know that freshly brewed Dunkin’ Donuts Cold Brew coffee packs allow a customizable, craft experience that highlights the smooth and rich notes that taste amazing? I’d definitely hold the taste of Dunkin’s Original Cold Brew up there with those made by very talented baristas. Now I’m a barista in my own home, and I just love it!


Located in the coffee aisle at Meijer, the Dunkin’ Donuts Cold Brew packaging is orange, and a bit larger, and is found near the other cold brew coffee section. I do love shopping at Meijer because of the huge selection of grocery items PLUS those awesome mPerks offers save me a ton.

I’ve always been so drawn to the cold brew process. It’s more of a craft process that a lot of coffee shops are preparing these days. Well, I understand why! The cold brew process draws out the flavor, and also allows the coffee to be less bitter and offer smoother taste. It’s almost like making a pitcher of sun tea, with a longer steeping process. Although the process is longer, the actual work involved is hardly anything. Open the packets, place in your pitcher with water, and wait overnight – that’s about it!

If you try a traditionally brewed cup of iced coffee next to a cup of iced cold brew, it’s amazing. I found that the cold brew was so smooth and wonderful, and by adding just a little bit of sweetened vanilla syrup and coffee creamer, I had a high end coffee drink that I created myself! WINNING!!

It’s so wonderful. A traditionally brewed pot of coffee sometimes starts to taste less appealing after an hour or so. Well, since this Dunkin’ Cold Brew actually steeps for around 8-12 hours, the delicious nuances of flavor get more time to develop. This coffee was not bitter, but more of a rich, smooth, fulfilling flavor! I never drink black coffee by itself, but WOW, this cold brew style of coffee is actually a good way to not have to really add so many ingredients because the flavor is so rich and balanced.  (unless you want to, of course!!)

 I’ve always been intrigued by cold brew coffee, and this was my first time trying it out myself. I loved how easy it was to brew an entire pitcher of coffee all at once, providing endless joy and drink recipe options.

Let me know what you plan to check off on your spring to do list in the comments below. I’d love to hear what you’re up to these days.

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