Goose Island Brewery - Chicago, IL

So, the Cubs just won Game 6, which means they are heading to the World Series! I just wanted to show Chicago some love and share a quick Chicago brewery visit with you! Goose Island is located at 1800 North Clybourn in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago. They have quite a large selection of beer on tap, so whatever your taste, you'll likely find something. I definitely found that the more expensive beers were way, way more worth ordering - so, go for one of their Belgian styles or something barrel aged, and you are in for a treat! Below, you will see their Cuban Sandwich and amazing Onion Rings! 

Look at those Onion Rings!

Have you ever eaten Poutine? I had not even heard of it before this, but our friends insisted we order one for the table. WOW, that gravy was for real! It's a Canadian dish that consists of fries, topped in gravy, cheese, and a fried egg! And, the roast meat on the dish tasted incredible, like the best beef stew I've ever had.

Poutine at Goose Island Brewery

Love the food and food pairing recipes they offer on their website - the photos and recipes are super unique. 

beer at Goose Island

And, the BBQ Sandwich was also good! 

BBQ sandwich at Goose Island In Chicago