Sweet Potato Bites - A Quick And Easy Tailgate Recipe

This recipe turned out SO well! I also thought they would be cute as a tailgating or football viewing party recipe. I found some adorable football napkins at TJMaxx, and also found the food serving supplies at Hobby Lobby (links provided below). 

Really excited that I have a new, super easy recipe in my arsenal now :) I love how easy these were to make, and would be such a great idea for a crowd, a side dish for any meal, or would even be perfect an easy and wholesome snack. I used 2 sweet potatoes, and made way too much. So, 1 potato for every 2 people would likely be enough. I also show a little bit of Ketchup here (I love the new Simply Heinz one), but most people prefer honey on their sweet potatoes. So, get creative, and serve these Sweet Potato Bites with just about any sauce, and you're golden. 

Sweet Potato Bites - these are SO good!


1.) Preheat oven to 375 degrees F, and line a baking sheet with foil or use non-stick spray. I then washed the potatoes, and opted to peel the skins off of the potatoes, but it's possible that leaving the skins on would be just fine. Cut potatoes into small, bite sized pieces, and put them into a bowl with olive oil (enough to coat everything), and seasonings like salt, pepper, a bit of cayenne pepper, and a bit of an Italian seasoning blend that contained a bit of rosemary and parmesan cheese. 

2.) Mix ingredients well, and make sure the potatoes are coated completely. Pour the potatoes onto the lined baking sheet, spread evenly so nothing is overlapping, and bake for 20 minutes, checking on and stirring them on the baking sheet, then baking for another 10 or so minutes. They will start to get brown and crispy around the edges and still be soft and scrumptious. Make a little, or make a lot!

Sweet Potato Bites


I love the trick of using patterned tissue paper (found in the gift wrap section at a craft store), and cutting pieces a little bigger than the container you will serve the food in. It really dresses things up! In this post, I used these food containers (found here), small paper condiment cups (similar here), and patterned tissue paper. I also used some gold utensils (found here), but you could use any color.

sweet potato bites