I'm Part Of The AOL Lifestyle Collective!

I'm so excited to share some fun news with you! I am now one of the newest bloggers in the AOL Lifestyle Collective! I came across the Lifestyle Collective page from someone's blog, and was instantly inspired by the lineup of creative bloggers in topics like Fashion, Food, Lifestyle, and more. I'm really looking forward to using this collective as a way to {digitally} meet some new blogger friends, and also use this page as a resource for creative ruts, or when I am working on the research portion of my blog posts and photography projects. 

It's amazing to see some of the women and men who are a part of the Collective. You will find me on one of the pages of the Living Section, or visit my page, here. Some of my personal faves, who I was already familiar with include Waiting On Martha, and 100 Layer Cake.  

Here is my profile so far. I would imagine that some of my posts will appear soon, but I'm so happy with how the page is set up, and also features my pins on the right side. 

So excited for this fun, new opportunity, and can't wait to share a fun project with you soon :)

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