DIY Upcycle A Baby Skirt Into A Zipper Pouch + A Girls' Night Out Emergency Kit

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Looking for a fun and creative sewing project, perfect as a gift, or for a Girls' Night Out? I whipped this one up in less than 30 minutes, and it's the perfect size to hold essentials like chap stick, mints, tissues, a nail file, and my new favorite eye drops - Clear Eyes® Pure Relief™ Multi-Symptom. (They're seriously amazing!!)  

DIY Zipper Pouch From A Baby Skirt
DIY Zipper Pouch


New Clear Eyes® Pure Relief™ Multi-Symptom is revolutionizing the eye drop market with their new products, that are preservative free. Before working on this project, I had no clue that regular eye drops had preservatives in them. I found these new eye drops at Target, and also have a couple of coupons for you below, one for $3.00 off, and another one for Here is a little more info: "Preservatives are added into eye drops to make sure no bacteria grow in the bottle itself. The problem is, they don’t contribute to eye relief, and some people are sensitive to them. Preservative free eye drops exist, but they are expensive and sold in inconvenient, wasteful single-dose vials. Clear Eyes® wanted to provide a convenient solution for relief."

Read on to see some tips on what to include in a Girls' Night Out Emergency Kit! These eye drops are perfect to bring along with you, to avoid dry, red eyes, helping you look and feel your best.

DIY Zipper Pouch

I was inspired to make a cute Zipper Pouch for this project, to create a little DIY Girls' Night Out Emergency Kit, full of supplies needed for a fun night out. I was originally going to upcycle a placemat into a zipper pouch, but as I shopped my way through Target for supplies, I was instead inspired to use this adorable baby-sized skirt, made from this gorgeous, woven material. 

materials needed

You only need a few materials for this fun DIY Zipper Pouch. Some sewing experience would be helpful, because putting a zipper into a pouch can be tricky if you've never sewn before. 

- Baby-Sized Skirt (Found at Target in the sale section for about $5.00) This is an 18 month size. This material was loosely woven, so I used a straight stitch and then a zig zag stitch around the outer material, so it won't fray.

- Lining Material that is a little bit larger than your skirt material

- Sewing Machine, Scissors, Sewing Pins, Thread

- Zipper That Is A Bit Longer Than The Width Of Your Skirt

DIY Zipper Pouch

clear eyes pure relief

1.) Cut the skirt in half (so you have one front piece, and one back piece). 

2.) I then cut the lining out of the skirt (this grey material), and made a little strap.handle for the bag. All you have to do is cut a strip that is about 9"-10" long x 3" wide, and fold it in half lengthwise. Iron to create a crease down the middle, then fold both long sides in towards center, so they meet in the middle. Fold lengthwise again, and pin to secure. Sew along both long sides to secure.

DIY Zipper Pouch

3.) Attach the handle to the front side of the exterior material (see below). Then, place the exterior pieces onto the lining material and cut around the shape, so you will wind up with 4 pieces of the same shape. 

DIY Zipper Pouch

4.) Sew on the zipper! To begin, place the zipper, right side down, lined up with the top of the exterior fabric. Sew along the edge, and secure with backstitches. Next, sandwich the zipper in between the liner material, and the exterior fabric. Do this to one side at a time...

DIY Zipper Pouch

5.) Now that the zipper has been sandwiched in between the fabric pieces, flip them right side out, and top stitch so the fabric doesn't get stuck in the zipper when you're using it. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 for the other side as well. 

DIY Zipper Pouch

6.) Now that your zipper is in, pin right sides together, and sew around the outside edges of the zipper pouch. Start your stitch on the lining material, and leave yourself a hole in the stitches, so you can flip the pouch right sides together. Sew very carefully around the zipper! 

7.) Lastly, cut off any excess fabric around your seams, and turn right side out. Sew the opening up, and enjoy! Fill with your Girls' Night Out Emergency Kit, and let's hit the road!

girls' night out necessities

Learn More About Clear Eyes® Pure Relief™ Multi-Symptom

They're preservative free, and are the first eye drops on the market that are like this. They relieve red, burning, dry, and even watery eyes, while providing around 12 hours of comfort, There are over 220 drops in each bottle, meaning you're set for quite a while! This #1 Selling brand of eye drops has a proprietary built-in purifying filter that keeps out bacteria (something I had never even thought about until now)!

eye drops
eye drops at Target
DIY Zipper Pouch

Thanks so much for stopping by! If you make one of these fun Zipper Pouches, or your own Girls' Night Out Emergency Kit, or just plain LOVE these eye drops, drop a comment below and let me know what you think. Tag your projects with #LWGcreates - I'd love to see what you make!