Tips On Staying Healthy During The Holidays + Winter Months

Well, Thanksgiving is behind us now, and although this Fall has been super busy for so many of us, I know the end of the year is when I try to compensate for the things I wish I had done (or finished) this past year. I may not be alone in that mindset, so I am amping up my healthy habits and wanted to share some tips and advice with you. Read on to learn about some of my favorite ways to stay healthy during the busy winter months. 

Stay Healthy!

Drink Lots Of Water

It may seem obvious, but water is SO important! If you don't often reach for a glass to fill with water, and would rather have something in a can or bottle, just make sure you try adding ice. Ice water is likely the thing that helped break me of my daily soda habit. I would drink 1-2 cans of soda each day, and now I only drink a Coke maybe 2-3 times a month. It may also be harder to want to reach for water, since it's not a million degrees outside, but this dry winter weather wreaks havoc on your body, so keeping super hydrated is key. 

Stay Healthy!

Keep Your Home Cleaner + More Sanitized

You may be welcoming extra house guests, or may have a better chance of bringing in more germs - people just seem to be sniffling and sneezing more as soon as it got chilly out. So, protect yourself and guard your home and family by wiping down counter tops, doorknobs, and all bathroom surfaces as many days per week as possible. I try to sanitize the kitchen surfaces every day, and I am admittedly not as good about the bathroom surfaces as I should be, but I always keep a roll of paper towels and a spray bottle of disinfectant in each bathroom so it makes it seem like less of a chore if the cleaners are right there at hand. 

Stay Healthy!

Keep Up On Your Vitamins

I love the fact that the gummy multi vitamins are so easy to take compared to those huge "regular" format multi vitamins. I notice myself actually feeling a bit slower and I always notice my nails starting to peel or break more if I were to go 5-7 or so days without remembering to take them. The bottle isn't always that attractive, so I recommend just filling a smaller, more attractive container or bottle with the vitamins, and keeping them either on your desk, in a drawer you access regularly, or on the kitchen or bathroom counter. 

Stay Healthy!

Don't Eat Excessive Sweets or Unhealthy Foods

I know, the holidays (and my blog) are filled with lots of recipes like cookies, breads, casseroles, and other super tasty, yet super unhealthy foods. I know it's so easy to give into temptation during these holiday months because these delicacies are just in our faces everywhere we turn. Indulge a little bit, but then make sure to walk or exercise a bit more, and try to eat only a cookie or two, or just a few pieces of holiday colored candy rather and definitely don't give into temptation to buy every variety of candy with a red and green wrapper. Why do those holiday editions candies seem to taste so much better than the regular ones? They just have prettier wrappers!!! Seriously, think long term, and make sure those skinnies fit just as well after the winter too :)

Stay Healthy!

Get Enough Rest

With extra parties, late night holiday shopping trips, having to run extra errands, hectic travel schedules, and possibly a few extra holiday cocktails, and of course, all of that holiday grub, your body may literally be in shock from lack of rest. By all means, have fun, enjoy yourself, and take full advantage of those late nights with friends, but overcompensate with a bit of extra rest, lots of water, and your vitamins. Buy yourself a new, cozy blanket, PJ's, or slippers and a calming candle, and reap the benefits of a night in, and a warm bath! If you have to schedule yourself some down time, DO IT and don't feel guilty about it! Our bodies deserve the rest, they do so much for us after all. Thanks for stopping by! What sorts of things do you do to stay healthy throughout the holidays and winter? Comment below to share.