Olive + Cheese Holiday Wreath (Cheese Board Recipe + Holiday Party Idea)

I thought that a fun way to incorporate the holidays into this cheese plate would be to take a traditional wire wreath form (I used a 12" Box Wreath Frame, found at my local fabric or craft store, and wrapped it in foil to make a channel for the green-colored portion of my cheese board to sit in. See the images below, to learn how to make this "wreath".

#EasyCheesy - Holiday Cheese + Olive Wreath

Above, the wire wreath form I used. Below, simply cover the wreath form in foil and add your ingredients to the concave side.

#EasyCheesy - Holiday Cheese + Olive Wreath

For the green "wreath" part of the board, I searched in the olive and pickle aisle for anything pickled and green. I chose some of the most attractive ones, like mini pickles (they come in single-serve cups, similar to pudding cup size), sweet pickles, green olives, and pickled green tomatoes. It's fun to have a mix of various shades of green, and also different textured foods. Feel free to use just about anything here. 

For the rest of the board, I featured Stella Cheese in Fontinella, which was super tasty, and I also found a chipotle cheddar from another company. I would recommend using 2-3 flavors of cheese, in a variety of colors for visual impact. Feel free to also add a spreadable cheese for guests as well.

I also added some mini pepperoni in a bowl in the very middle of the wreath, and also added lots of crackers and bruschetta chips for a bit of crunch. 

My favorite part of the whole board is my version of a red bow on the wreath, a pomegranate I cut in half! I definitely associate pomegranates with winter, and wow, what an impact it makes!

#EasyCheesy - Holiday Cheese + Olive Wreath

Stella Cheese offers a TON of varieties of cheeses, perfect for parties and so many recipes. This cheese board features Fontinella, but I think guests would like just about anything you shared with them.

Click here to learn more about Stella Cheeses AND, enter for a chance to visit Napa Valley! 

Below, the mini pepperonis, found in the store near the pizza making supplies. Feel free to cut up your favorite salami or summer sausages here instead. One money saving tip would be to get pepperoni or salami from the deli, and instead of having them slice it, buy a piece that has not been cut yet. I recommend buying 1/2 - 1 lb. for a party, then cut it into cubes yourself. This seriously saves SO much money!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope this fun recipe inspires your next holiday gathering! What sorts of foods would you add to your Olive Wreath or Cheese Board? Comment below :)


Holiday Cheese Wreath