Time Saving Hacks For Bloggers + Entrepreneurs Who Want Their Social Lives Back

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In this post, I am excited to share some tips to help you effectively organize your blog to give you more free time for your social life. Since we bloggers create our own hours, the work day technically never ends. We are always on creative call, to do whatever the blog needs next. Blogging full time has its challenges but is also incredibly rewarding. Another valuable, yet sometimes overlooked aspect of our lives, is our social lives. I place great importance on staying healthy to be able to enjoy time spent with people we love and cherish. These special relationships with friends and family members can be considered of top importance to your health and wellbeing, because people are pretty amazing sometimes. And, a fun evening out with friends can really get you out of a creative rut, and re-energize you.

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I was recently reading someone's blog post, who is a full time blogger/entrepreneur, and she laid out her daily schedule in the post. She began her day at around 9:30am, and dedicated each and every waking moment to her blog, and her work day ended at 10pm! While this sounds like a rather intensive and selfless schedule, it's one that most entrepreneurs take on. 

I can also attest to the fact that running a blog full time can be rather overwhelming and while it's a fun job to get lost in, and is extremely rewarding, the hours literally NEVER stop. Working from home makes it extremely hard to draw boundaries between work life and social life. 

But, our social lives, and personal connections we have to friends and family are more important than I can even express in words. So, I wanted to share a few tips today, that are Time Saving Hacks For Bloggers as well as a few ideas for Free or Almost Free Friend Dates!

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As someone who always dedicates practically every waking moment to my blog, I know how easy it can be to let my two-page To-Do list take precedent over going out my my way to make plans with friends and family. There's always something due, a project I've been meaning to complete, or several deadlines that just HAVE to be honored. Part of this is time management, and part of this is me just needing to make as much effort to honor those valuable relationships and to make sure they take importance over the To-Do list. 


Since it's going to be important that you streamlining your blogging process (so you're not working WAY too hard), here are a few blogging tips, that can help save time and effort, allowing more time with friends and family.

Use Tailwind or other social media scheduling tools to do the work while you are away.

Dedicate a journal/blank book solely to your Blogging Hopes and Dreams, so you aren't wading through too many pages.

Once a day, clean your desk or workspace, so your workflow isn't interrupted.

Break larger goals down into smaller, more manageable ones - this insures that your tasks are easier to attain and complete.

Lastly, make yourself a good Blogging Content Strategy for the upcoming year, 2017. I will be publishing a post on this soon, so stay tuned!



Taking your dogs on a walk or to going to the dog park

Visiting a zoo or botanical garden

Baking or cooking together

Candy making  

A craft night

Double date

In-home movie viewing + popcorn night

Having a camp fire

A night out with the girls

Exploring a new city in search of local food, drink, and shopping



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