Blogging For A Cause with

Are you part of a group or organization that is doing some really amazing things for your cause or community? It is so important to have a space where you can share all of your thoughts and accomplishments, in one place, on the web. If this hits home, have you thought about starting a blog? You can find a template pretty easily, and you really don't need much else.

Blogging For A Cause

I am also a web designer (by degree), so let me know if you need some help creating a beautiful website or blog, I offer web design services, and would love to talk about how I can help your cause. 

1.) Plan It Out On Paper. Make a diagram of what you want the blog to contain, as well as how you want it laid out. What do you want to click through to, what type of pages are important for your cause? A general, overall sketch will be important at this stage, too, and save you lots of time in the future.

2.) Build Your Website. There are so many places to start a free blog. I used to use (and I know a ton of people use Wordpress because of how many templates are available for that platform). But, after many years of blogging via, I decided it was time to have my very own dot com! I only pay about $8-10 per month to have a blog/website on I absolutely love this platform, because it is drag and drop designing (meaning I can just drag different elements around on the page until I like how they look). So streamlined, I just LOVE it!! 

3.) Stay Organized! Before you even start a new blog or website, make a folder on your computer (NOT your Desktop, the Documents folder is best for this). Then, start folders inside of that one called whatever you will name your pages, like Home, Apply, Blog, Vendors/Members, etc. 

4.) Create A Color Scheme. It's so easy to find popular blog designs and other color schemes on Pinterest or Google. 

5.) Create Some Content! If you are running a craft fair, begin to share images of work from artists, and share their bio photos if they would like it. Take photos of your group members out at dinner or other events. Share photos from past events. Text is also pretty important, so begin writing as much as possible to explain what your group does, and how you're helping the community! Asking group members or community members to write guest blog posts in their own words. is a website that makes it SO easy to design website graphics, logos, and more! 

6.) Have fun! A blog is an incredibly rewarding project, and can be a very inexpensive way to create lasting memories and create awareness for your cause! If you have a blog for a group or organization, I would love to see what you have created! Please feel free to link us to it in the comments below. 

7.) Host Your Website. After you have done all this work designing your website or blog, it needs to go live. has extremely reasonable rates, and have amazing customer service. Click the blue banner, below, to learn more about their services. Use my link to make sure you let know who sent you :)

Blogging Ideas


Above, The Seattle Neighborhood Farmer's Market website contains links to their social pages, a search bar, and showcases a slideshow with bright and festive photos. Their main pages are: Markets, What's Fresh, Programs & Events, Vendors, Help Us Grow, and About. It looks like they have multiple locations, so on the right of the page, you can learn more about each location. If you are only operating in one location, use this area for images leading to blog posts or upcoming events. 

The Mill City Farmer's Market website is wonderful. They have a great video on their home page, which really brings the market to life. As you can see, their pages are as follows: Home, Visit, Meet Our Vendors, About, Eat Seasonably, Learn, and Support.

I also really enjoy the fact that they have bright and colorful recipes on their home page, which helps customers envision easy ways to use what they find at the market. 


Finders Keepers is lively and inviting! I just love how they highlight so many of their artists, and really give a face to each and every artist in their shows. They have pages such as Home, About, Markets, Information, Directory, Blog, and Contact. I think all craft show websites need an Apply Page. The Squarespace Form blocks are magic for this type of thing. 

The Handmade Market has a wonderfully inviting website. Not every design works well with the woodgrain background, but this one really does! I love how they are featuring artist interviews as blog posts - this is a great way to get quick and fulfilling content for your Cause Blog. 

If you want to see if your website is available, fill in the form below to get started. If you have any questions, just comment below, and I will get right back to you!