How To Add A Recipe Card To Squarespace Blog Posts

Are you a food blogger who is currently looking to add a Recipe Card into your blog posts? I've done lots of research and after finding only WordPress plugins and widgets, I have finally found a Squarespace-friendly way to incorporate printable, Pinterest-friendly recipe and instructions to your posts! This means your recipes will finally show the ingredients and instructions into a Rich Pin on Pinterest. 

This amazing Bread Pudding recipe can be found here!

SO excited to have finally found a way to create a Recipe Card that is optimized for Squarespace! I have been searching for months to find some way to code in a recipe card of my own, or even use a plugin. Every single one I've seen is for Wordpress, and I love Squarespace so much that I didn't want to have to switch over. I love the sleek design of my Squarespace template, and while a large portion of food bloggers do use Wordpress, I knew there was some way to stick with it! I am thrilled to share the Recipe Whiz! 

The Recipe Whiz is a no-frills form that you input your title, description, yield, prep and cook times, ingredients, and instructions! You are also able to put the Image link to one image of the food too. YAY! 

I originally found out about Recipe Whiz here, on the My Life As A Mummy blog, where she explained how it was perfect for Blogger Blogs, which it definitely is!

I would also recommend simply testing this out on one of your already-created recipe posts, since the info is already there for you, to copy and paste into the Recipe Card!


How To Add A Recipe Card To Squarespace Blog Posts




When you first visit The Recipe Whiz, the form below will be blank. Simply fill in the details of your recipe below, such as recipe title, cook and prep time, ingredients, and instructions.

At the very bottom of the form below, you will notice a box that says image. To get the direct image link, right click on any photo on your blog and select, Open Image In New Tab. It will open a new tab, and copy and paste that window's website address into this box.

After that, click "Get Microdata" and it will create some code for your Recipe Card.

Add A Recipe Card To Squarespace!


Grab that "Microdata" Coding in its entirety, and in a new or existing blog post, choose Add Code. Simply add this to a coding box on your squarespace post. Save and Publish, and you're done! In addition to the recipe card, I would still include all of this information in plain text, as well as lots of beautiful images. But, this definitely opens up a whole new world for use food and lifestyle bloggers who love using Squarespace! 

If you have any questions at all, please comment below and I'll get right back to you! Thank you SO much for reading through this tutorial, and feel free to drop a link to your blog posts that utilize this Recipe Card, below.

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Organic Dessert Tortillas

Organic Dessert Tortillas

Blogging & Social Media Conferences To Check Out!

Have you ever attended a conference? If it is on the top of your priority list, I have gathered info on a few that look really, really good! I hope to expand on this list, so please comment below if I missed any events. Thank you SO much for checking out these fun conferences!!!

alt summit

AltITUDE Summit - January

Altitude Summit began in Salt Lake City (Founded in 2009), and 2016 marks the last year that the conference will be held in SLC. I consider this the leading lady when it comes to social media or blogger conferences. The 2017 Event will be held in Palm Springs, which is already sold out! 

Blog Post Credit: Passports and Pancakes Photo Credit: Justin Hackworth Photography

FIND THEM: Website // Facebook // Instagram // Pinterest // Twitter

Create + Cultivate - January

January 2016, Create + Cultivate, will be held in Dallas! I am attending this amazing event, and cannot wait to learn from the top bloggers and creative people in the blogging business today! 

Create + Cultivate has been held in places like L.A. and Chicago, and they will be announcing the next location soon. The January 2016 #CreateCultivateDallas tickets sold out super quick this year, making me a happy girl for getting my ticket. 

When: January 30, 2016

FIND THEM: Website // Facebook // Instagram // Pinterest // Twitter

BlogHer & BlogHer Food - August & October

I have heard really great things about BlogHer Conferences. 

Find Them Here: BlogHer 2016 & BlogHerFood 2016

When: BlogHer - L.A. August 4-6 BlogHerFood - October 7-8, 2016

FIND THEM: Website // Facebook // Instagram // Pinterest // Twitter

Re/Code Media Conference - Various Months

Held in the absolutely gorgeous Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Niguel (among other gorgeous places), this conference is quite wonderful. I had the pleasure of attending (AND being a speaker on The New Influencers Panel) in February of 2015, and it made me aware of the importance of the tech-industry side of the online world. Read my blog post here, to see images of my time there. A very special thanks to HelloSociety and Science Media for sponsoring my trip there. It was an unforgettable experience! Peter Kafka was an incredibly good host, and a great interviewer! 

FIND THEM: Website // Facebook // Instagram // Pinterest // Twitter


Thrive Conference - February

Thrive is located at The Embassy Suites in The Woodlands/Hughes Landing in Springs, TX. 

When: February 26-27, 2016

FIND THEM: Facebook // Website // Tickets


Build Your Blog Conference - February

BYBC Is scheduled to happen February 19-20, 2016. They provide lots of great webinars, one of which I have seen, and was incredibly inspired by! They consider themselves the "Most Educational Blogger Conference". 

FIND THEM: Facebook // Website 

go blog social conference

Go Blog Social - March

This conference will be held on March 5, 2016 in Kansas City, MO. IT looks like an absolutely amazing and inspiring event, so get your tickets here. KC is the first stop on their 2016 Tour, which sounds like so much fun!!!

FIND THEM: Website // Facebook Event // Instagram

social media conference

Social Media Marketing World - April

This conferences, held by Social Media Examiner is going to be held in San Diego on April 17-19, 2016. With registration, you will get track sessions, workshops, and keynotes. You also get online recordings of the event, as well as lots of opportunities to network. They are even providing an opening ceremony in an airplane hanger! Sounds like fun! 

Register Here

FIND THEM: Website

creative at heart conference

Creative At Heart Conference - Various Months

This event will be held at three different locations in 2016! The video on their website is beyond inspiring! They will help you get your business in order whether you have been in business for years, or are just starting out. Learn more. 

Annapolis, MD (March 20-22), Denver, CO (July 24-25), and Memphis, TN (November 13-14)

FIND THEM: Website // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

Blogging For A Cause with

Are you part of a group or organization that is doing some really amazing things for your cause or community? It is so important to have a space where you can share all of your thoughts and accomplishments, in one place, on the web. If this hits home, have you thought about starting a blog? You can find a template pretty easily, and you really don't need much else.

Blogging For A Cause

I am also a web designer (by degree), so let me know if you need some help creating a beautiful website or blog, I offer web design services, and would love to talk about how I can help your cause. 

1.) Plan It Out On Paper. Make a diagram of what you want the blog to contain, as well as how you want it laid out. What do you want to click through to, what type of pages are important for your cause? A general, overall sketch will be important at this stage, too, and save you lots of time in the future.

2.) Build Your Website. There are so many places to start a free blog. I used to use (and I know a ton of people use Wordpress because of how many templates are available for that platform). But, after many years of blogging via, I decided it was time to have my very own dot com! I only pay about $8-10 per month to have a blog/website on I absolutely love this platform, because it is drag and drop designing (meaning I can just drag different elements around on the page until I like how they look). So streamlined, I just LOVE it!! 

3.) Stay Organized! Before you even start a new blog or website, make a folder on your computer (NOT your Desktop, the Documents folder is best for this). Then, start folders inside of that one called whatever you will name your pages, like Home, Apply, Blog, Vendors/Members, etc. 

4.) Create A Color Scheme. It's so easy to find popular blog designs and other color schemes on Pinterest or Google. 

5.) Create Some Content! If you are running a craft fair, begin to share images of work from artists, and share their bio photos if they would like it. Take photos of your group members out at dinner or other events. Share photos from past events. Text is also pretty important, so begin writing as much as possible to explain what your group does, and how you're helping the community! Asking group members or community members to write guest blog posts in their own words. is a website that makes it SO easy to design website graphics, logos, and more! 

6.) Have fun! A blog is an incredibly rewarding project, and can be a very inexpensive way to create lasting memories and create awareness for your cause! If you have a blog for a group or organization, I would love to see what you have created! Please feel free to link us to it in the comments below. 

7.) Host Your Website. After you have done all this work designing your website or blog, it needs to go live. has extremely reasonable rates, and have amazing customer service. Click the blue banner, below, to learn more about their services. Use my link to make sure you let know who sent you :)

Blogging Ideas


Above, The Seattle Neighborhood Farmer's Market website contains links to their social pages, a search bar, and showcases a slideshow with bright and festive photos. Their main pages are: Markets, What's Fresh, Programs & Events, Vendors, Help Us Grow, and About. It looks like they have multiple locations, so on the right of the page, you can learn more about each location. If you are only operating in one location, use this area for images leading to blog posts or upcoming events. 

The Mill City Farmer's Market website is wonderful. They have a great video on their home page, which really brings the market to life. As you can see, their pages are as follows: Home, Visit, Meet Our Vendors, About, Eat Seasonably, Learn, and Support.

I also really enjoy the fact that they have bright and colorful recipes on their home page, which helps customers envision easy ways to use what they find at the market. 


Finders Keepers is lively and inviting! I just love how they highlight so many of their artists, and really give a face to each and every artist in their shows. They have pages such as Home, About, Markets, Information, Directory, Blog, and Contact. I think all craft show websites need an Apply Page. The Squarespace Form blocks are magic for this type of thing. 

The Handmade Market has a wonderfully inviting website. Not every design works well with the woodgrain background, but this one really does! I love how they are featuring artist interviews as blog posts - this is a great way to get quick and fulfilling content for your Cause Blog. 

If you want to see if your website is available, fill in the form below to get started. If you have any questions, just comment below, and I will get right back to you! 

Create & Cultivate Chicago 2015 from create cultivate on Vimeo.

This conference also looked like a contender for next year - Thrive Blogger Conference. It is January 31, 2016. It costs about $150 for a ticket, which I am sure would be well worth it. It's held at The Embassy Suites in The Woodlands area of Texas.  


DIY Bloggers Who Are Rocking The Holidays

I am constantly inspired by those bloggers who are always making new things, on a daily basis! I do hope to become one of those women some day soon, I am working on it as a major New Year's Resolution. None of these images are mine, but they are some of my current inspirations! If I have missed any super amazing bloggers, please comment below with a link. Thanks! 

Fall For DIY -  S  tar Tree Topper

Fall For DIY - Star Tree Topper

DesignLoveFest -  Wooden Beaded Garland

DesignLoveFest - Wooden Beaded Garland

West Elm Blog -  Beet Dyed Name Tags

West Elm Blog - Beet Dyed Name Tags

West Elm Blog -  Gold Leaf Trees

West Elm Blog - Gold Leaf Trees

Paper N Stitch -  Gift Wrap Tutorial  

Paper N Stitch - Gift Wrap Tutorial 

Inspired By This -  Gift Wrap Ideas  

Inspired By This - Gift Wrap Ideas 

 Subtle Revelry -  Confetti Gift Wrap Party  

 Subtle Revelry - Confetti Gift Wrap Party 

Minted - DIY Serving Tray 

Minted - DIY Serving Tray