Key Lime Pie Martini Recipe + Key Lime Pie Shooters Recipe

Since we are here in the Florida Keys and have basically eaten our weight in the tastiest Key Lime Pie known to man (thanks to the Sugarloaf Food Company), I thought it was only natural to share some Key Lime recipes here on the blog! I had a Key Lime Pie Martini when we ate at The Square Grouper last week and it seriously tastes like a piece of pie, and was absolutely delicious! They rimmed theirs in crushed graham cracker crumbs, and I rimmed mine in lime green sprinkles, but either one works just fine. This was my first time using a cream liquer in anything, and loved how pretty the color was. 

Key Lime Pie Martini Drink Recipe

Key Lime Pie Martini and Mini Shooters Recipe

Inspired by my vacation in the Florida Keys, these cocktails are absolutely incredible!


  • 6 tablespoons (3 ounces) vanilla flavored vodka
  • 1/4 cup (2 ounces) key lime liqueur (recommended: KeKe Beach Key Lime Liqueur)
  • Ice cubes
  • 2 tablespoons heavy cream (optional)
  • 2 tablespoons key west lime juice
  • Caro syrup around the rim to make the sugar stick better.
  • Key Lime Wedges
Key Lime Pie Martini Drink Recipe

Note - I didn't make this in an incredibly traditional way, so here is what I found worked and tasted the best! 

1.) To rim the martini glasses, I got out two plates. On one, I poured a bit of Caro syrup and on the other, I sprinkled a bit of green sugar sprinkles. I then dipped the rims of the martini glasses in the Caro syrup, then into the sugar sprinkles. This technique worked beautifully! Optionally, you could always do the more traditional method, and use a lime wedge around the rim of the glass then dip into sprinkles. Also, this drink can be made by dipping the rims of the glasses into crushed graham cracker crumbs, but I loved how the green sugar looked!

2.) Mix Key Lime Liqueur, Vanilla Vodka, Key Lime Juice and ice in a martini shaker, and shake vigorously. Optionally, mix everything in a blender, and blend until well combined. 

3.) Pour drink into martini glasses, and garnish with adorable key limes!

4.) Another variation, if this recipe tastes a bit too strong, is to add some lime or rainbow sherbet to the glass, then pour the mixed drink over top. I actually tried that too, and WOW, it was absolutely incredible. Just play around and see what you think is best :)

Key Lime Pie Martini Drink Recipe

Below, I just love the mailbox at The Key Lime Pie Shop on Sugarloaf Key! It's so eye-catching :)

Cute Mailbox at Sugarloaf Food Company / The Key Lime Pie Shop
Key Lime Pie Martini Drink Recipe

Cabbie helped me with this fun project, and I was so happy that our vacation rental house here on Sugarloaf Key had a room painted key lime green with the cutest lime green furniture in it. It was the perfect place to shoot, it even had wall art with limes on it :) So great when things work out like that!

Chocolate Lab Helper
Key Lime Pie Martini Drink Recipe

Below, you will see one of the most unique key lime pies ever. I got this mini pie at The Key West Art and Seafood Festival last weekend, and it had a merengue top on it. It was very tasty and I wonder how hard it was to make? The proceeds went to help support the school at which the event was held.

Key Lime Mini Pie
Key Lime Pie Shooters

Use the same recipe as the martini above, but simply rim some taller shot glasses with the sugar, and pour in the tasty key lime cocktail. Add a little baby key lime wedge for garnish.

Key Lime Pie Martini Drink Recipe
Key Lime Pie Martini Drink Recipe

Below, the drink that inspired this post! My Key Lime Pie Martini from Square Grouper. This place had a restaurant downstairs and a super newly built bar upstairs. The drinks were unique and absolutely amazing - we loved the strawberry, ginger, basil vodka cocktail, but more about that in another post :)

Key Lime Pie Martini
Key Lime Pie Martini Drink Recipe
Key Lime Pie Martini Drink Recipe

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