Last Minute Guests? Stock Up On These Entrees!

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Now is the time for more holiday gatherings and reasons to get together with friends and family as the end of the year approaches. I always like to comfort my guests with delicious food, so having a fully stocked freezer makes things much easier - more time with guests and less time in the kitchen. I'm excited to share a couple of new Entrees from Tai Pei that you're going to love! These Chicken Potstickers and the Pepper Beef Frozen Fried Rice.  

You're going to LOVE the wide range fo flavors available at your local Walmart. In addition to the Pepper Beef, which was a guest favorite around my house, we also enjoyed the Shrimp Fried Rice, the Sweet and Sour Chicken, and the Chicken Chow Mein. In addition to exceptional flavor, the fact that these Single Serve single serve bowls are super convenient and easy to make, top my charts in awesomeness. I always like to have a few meals that are filling, but would make a perfect snack or light dinner. 

I cooked the Tai Pei Pepper Beef Fried Rice, and it was the perfect compliment to the potstickers. These two entrees fed 2-3 people snacking on the food. We tend to share food at our house, so this was fun to be able to serve my last minute guests (or those who had a bit of a hunger spell post dinner). While this meal was super easy, I felt like it was a very special meal, something more elevated than a traditional quick meal I'd make. I was so happy to find these new flavors at my local store recently! I did make sure to stock up on these meals, they're seriously SO easy to make. 

Pick up a few flavors of teh Tai Pei single serve bowls and you will thank me next time you're wondering what in the world to have for dinner :)

These Chicken Potstickers were a huge hit! This was actually my first time making potstickers, and they were delicious. When you open the Tai Pei package, you will find about 8 frozen potstickers plus some of the best sauce I've ever had! They were very filling, so we ate 2-3 each and loved them. Next time, I will grab 3-4 of their potstickers while I'm at the store.

To cook the potstickers, as instructed, I added 2 tsp. cooking oil (I used olive oil), plus 1/2 C. warm water to a cold skillet, then placed each potsticker flat side down. They fit perfectly into my skillet! Next, I placed a lid onto the skillet so the oil would not pop at me, and cooked the potstickers on medium heat for about 8 minutes. They were ready to eat at that point, but I also cooked them a little bit longer to get a nice brown crunchy crust on the bottoms. For the sauce, you simply let the sauce packet sit in warm water while you're cooking the potstickers. Super easy! 

That SAUCE was divine!!!

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