Italian Beef Recipe + Beer Pairing Idea

We recently made the most delicious Italian Beef Recipe ever! I found that if you start with the best roast possible, with a lower amount of fat, you will have the most successful Italian Beef ever! 

Italian Beef Recipe

2-3 Pound Roast (we used the best quality roast we could find)

1 Au Jus Seasoning Packet

1 Italian Salad Dressing Packet

1 Jar of pepperoncini (16 oz jar from Mezzetta)

2 (32 oz) packages of beef broth (or 1 beef broth, 1 vegetable broth)

1/2 -1 Cup water (optional)

Package of Kaiser Rolls or other favorite rolls

Other available cuts include: 

Bottom round roast.

Rump roast.

Eye round.

Round tip roast.

Sirloin tip roast.


1.) In a crock pot, mix broth, seasoning packet, and full jar of pepperonchinis.

2.) Add roast meat as one full piece, to crock pot.

3.) Turn on crock pot to low, and heat at least 8 hours, until meat is falling apart and easy to shred. 

4.) To serve: Using tongs or forks, pull out large pieces of meat from the crock pot and place onto a plate or cutting board. Use 2 forks to shred the meat, and place onto buns. Carefully pour the Au Jus (the juice from the crock pot) onto the shredded meat on the sandwiches, and enjoy! Also feel free to add more peppers to your sandwich. Enjoy!

Italian Beef Recipe
Italian Beef Recipe