Game Day Milkshakes Recipe!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Whether you're watching the game or not, a milkshake is always a good idea! I just had to create a chocolate drink of some sort to go in these amazingly cute football glasses. I used them for my Margarita Mixer Station post, and thought I could use them again for something that made them look even more like a football. How cute are these?! 

You could also make these for a birthday party, or for someone who just LOVES football! 

I feel like the Super Bowl is pretty much a national holiday at this point, so I went ahead and had a great time shooting photos and indulging in these game day drinks. Enjoy!

Game Day Milkshake Recipe
Game Day Milkshake Recipe

1 C. Milk

2 C. Chocolate Ice Cream

Whipped Cream

Chocolate candy bars for topping

Football Shaped Glasses from Dollar Tree

Green straws

Optional for Adults over 21 - 2-4 oz. Vanilla Vodka

game day milkshakes recipe

Simply combine the milk, ice cream, and optional vodka in a blender, and blend until smooth. Feel free to add more milk if they are too thick for your liking. I carefully scooped the milkshakes into the glasses and made sure the tops were nice and even/flat, so that the whipped cream would look good for this presentation. Speaking of whipped cream, I used a bit on top of the milkshakes for an added bit of yum, and then also crushed up a Crunch bar in a Ziploc bag (using a heavy, metal ladle and a dish cloth over the bag to prevent any mess and to get a fine texture. The bag broke if I didn't use the cloth towel. 

Using the finest chocolate candy crumbs, I used my hands to lightly sprinkle them onto the whipped cream, and thought that really gave this a nice touch. Adding a green straw really kept with the football field/turf color, which I loved!

Wow, these turned out so well! Hope you enjoy :)

Game Day Milkshake Recipe
happy game day
Game Day Milkshake Recipe
Game Day Milkshake Recipe
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game day milkshakes recipe