Easy Recipe - Basil, Asparagus, Pepper, and Chicken Sausage Pasta

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YUM!!! This recipe turned out so well, my family and I just couldn't stop eating it. We loved the fresh taste of the ingredients together, and I especially loved how easy it was to create. This is my new favorite, and I found the Dorot frozen basil (found at Trader Joe's) incredibly easy to use. I even created a video to show you just how easy it was to prepare. This meal would be great for lunch, dinner, a snack, a potluck, a party, or even great to make ahead of time, and then reheat for something to eat when you don't exactly have time to prep and cook everything. 

I loved how great this recipe was for incorporating a plethora of vegetables, which is a great way to add extra vitamins and other nutritious factors into mealtime. 

Dorot Frozen Basil

Penne Noodles or similar


Red and Green Peppers

Red Onion

Chicken Sausages 

Seasonings like Creole, and salt and pepper


1.) Boil a medium to large pot of water and add a bit of salt. Once boiling, add noodles. Strain once done as directed, and add in seasoning. 2-3 minutes before the noodles are done, add asparagus to steam lightly.

2.) Chop peppers, asparagus, and onions into bite sized pieces. Also slice chicken sausages into slices.

3.) In a warm skillet, add olive oil and onions. Season. Once onions are soft, add Dorot basil and chicken sausage slices, and sauté until the edges of the sausage slices begin to brown. Add chopped peppers and stir. 

4.) Once peppers are cooked, add sausage and pepper mixture into noodles and stir to combine everything. Serve and enjoy! 

Find everything you need for this recipe at Trader Joe's!!!

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