A New Way To Grill Sliders and Meatballs

Temperatures are getting warmer outside, and I love the fact that we can grill again! I just love being able to cook outside, and I also love the smell of burgers and other food being grilled. Makes the neighborhood smell amazing! These Slider Burgers turned out super well, and I made them with the help of a new tool! The Pampered Chef Meatball and Slider Grill Basket allowed me to make up to 12 Slider Burgers on the grill at once! 

Delicious Slider Burgers
Grill Basket

AOL.com, who I have partnered with on several other projects asked me to be a part of a very exciting upcoming project! I'm part of their AOL Lifestyle Collective, and you can see my profile here. It's quite an honor and I'll soon be featured on their website along side a group of very talented bloggers. I can't wait to share more details, but until then, they sent me a few kitchen products to review, and this is the first of a series of posts of product reviews accompanied by delicious Summer-related recipes! 

I wanted to share my experience with the Pampered Chef Meatball & Slider Grill Basket and share a super delicious recipe for Slider Burgers. Everyone makes their burgers with different ingredients, and I make them with as many fresh ingredients and seasonings as I can. I always use Ground Sirloin for all of my recipes. I know that many people would recommend using meat with a higher fat content, but I really appreciate the lower fat content of sirloin, at either 90 or 95% lean. I just don't tend to prefer a burger that gets the grill super messy, and then drips with grease when eating it. So, the base of this recipe begins with the leanest ground beef you can find. 

Making Slider Burgers with Pampered Chef

To Make 12 Sliders, you need about 2 1/2 - 3 pounds of ground beef.

1 - 1 1/2 C. Chopped Red Onion

2-3 Garlic Cloves

2 tsp (or more) Salt and various other seasonings of your choice

Slider Burger Buns

Garnish - Some Ideas = Stone Ground Mustard, Ketchup, Pickles, Colby Jack Cheese Slices, Mayo, Green Leaf Lettuce

Pampered Chef Meatball and Slider Basket


1.) Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and set aside. Turn grill to around 350-400 degrees.

2.) Spray Pampered Chef Meatball and Slider Basket with non-stick spray. Spray anywhere the burgers could touch the basket.

3.) Begin to make your sliders. Using a 1/3 C. Measuring cup, measure out your burgers. Use your hands to shape burgers, and press firmly in hands to ensure burgers do not break apart while cooking. Fill up grill basket with up to 12 burgers, close the grill basket, and then latch locking mechanism around handle area. This holds very securely. I also set the grill basket on a baking sheet to avoid a mess on the counter. 

Slider Burgers

4.) With your grill around 350-400 degrees, bring out your Grill Basket, and set on your grill. grill first side for 8-10 minutes with the lid closed, then use an oven mitt to flip and grill another 5-10 minutes. 

Grilled Slider Burgers

5.) Once burgers are fully cooked, remove from grill with an oven mitt, and bring back to your work surface. Time to garnish!

Grilled Slider Burgers

6.) To garnish, I added Stone Ground Mustard to the bottom bun, added a burger patty, then topped with Colby Jack Cheese, lettuce, and optional pickle, mayo, and ketchup. These burgers turned out extremely well, and I am so happy I now have a way to make lots of burgers at once, rather than having to constantly watch the grill and flip each burger individually. 

Product Notes
  1. 1.Why I love it -  This product is well made, and washed very easily in the dishwasher. Made it easy to make lots of burgers at once, and I could also see making meatballs in this grill basket.            
  2. When I would use it - when I have to make burgers for 4 or more people at once, during summer grilling, for meatballs
  3. Alternative uses/Hacks - to make meatball sandwiches, make breakfast sausage patties, grilling whole mushrooms
  4. Favorite feature - makes it easy to flip multiple burgers at once!

      *** Note - be sure to flip the Grill Basket with an oven mitt at all times. It gets hot!

Slider Burgers

This Pampered Chef Grill Basket was sent to me by AOL.com so I could review the product. All content and images are my own.