Cherrybrook Premium Pet Supplies + The Doodle That Stole All The Treats

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Cherrybrook. All opinions and content are my own.

Puppy Updates! Porter turned 10 months on May 5th, and she is such a funny dog. She follows Cabbie just about everywhere she goes, and no matter how ornery she is, it's hard to be mad at her because of her sweet face. Here's a funny story about my little Chocolate Labradoodle.

Cherrybrook, one of my Share-A-Sale affiliates, and a website that offers lots of wholesome and wonderful pet treats and toys, sent me these amazing, CC Natural Farms Freeze Dried Chicken Treats (and other goodies) to photograph and review. The dogs had a lot of fun helping me out with this project, and I gave one treat to each Cabbie and Porter. Cabbie is such a good girl, she would never steal a treat, even if it was right in front of her. Porter, on the other hand has no problem with it. I photographed everything, and left the room for less than a minute, and as soon as I realize I hadn't shut the door in the photo studio, I instantly ran back in to find the plate of treats undisturbed from its location, but completely empty. The doodle struck again! (This is not the first time she has gotten Cabbie's share of treats, let me assure you). Below, you can see her plotting to eat all of the treats...

Chocolate Labradoodle

These chicken treats contain only ONE ingredient - chicken! Poor Cabbie only got one taste of these delicious treats while Porter ate the rest of them in only a few seconds. So, I guess they give these two paws up! These chicken treats have no smell upon opening them, which I love, and equate with a better treat-giving experience for us, and they still went crazy for them.

I decided to test out these treats with another item that Cherrybrook kindly sent me, the Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Snoop, and the Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Nook  Toys. At first, I put the chicken treat into the red ball, and inserted that into the orange part of the Orbee toy. I found that if you simply toss the toy down, the red ball comes out, making the treat easy for the dogs to get to. Once I figured out that I should simply place the ball on the ground, the dogs had a blast trying to figure out the puzzle toy. Better yet, a few of the chicken treats worked their way into the orange part of the toy, and they literally had hours of fun! It's hard for them to get the treats out, which I love, because it entertains them so much.

chicken treats

We actually had to put the toy up because they were getting SO obsessed over the toy, that they would not do anything BUT play with the toy! So now, we use the toy when we need to get something done, and the dogs won't give us a second to rest. So, this toy is absolutely amazing, and we have since put small milkbones in the orange part of the toy, and they play for hours with it. I guess I should get a second one :)

Dog Puzzle Toy
awesome dog treats
Chocolate Labradoodle

In addition to the awesome toys and treats, Cherrybrook also sent along sample sizes of lots of great dog grooming products. Porter's hair is a LOT better that before she was groomed, but before we got her groomed for the first time, she would have needed a bit of the detangler and her matting would have been fixed! Labradoodle hair is just crazy, and if you do not eep up with it, it can get matted and dreaded up pretty quickly. While I have not had the chance to use these products, I just wanted to share what they sent me, below.

My favorite product from the image of 4 items is the Petology Coconut Water Hydrating Shampoo. It has a nice, light scent, and seems to have the most natural ingredients of all. So much fun! 

Dog Grooming Products