Vegan Meal Idea! Grilled Potato Slices

I love the idea of incorporating more vegan meals into my week. Not only am I challenging myself to not flavor each meal or center it around meat, I love the idea of being powered by plants! 

Here is one grilled recipe idea for you, that will make you happy to be eating veggies - I promise, you won't even miss the meat! Enjoy :)

Vegan Recipe /Meal Idea

1.) Turn on your grill and slice Yukon Gold potatoes lengthwise as thin as you possibly can. If you have a julienne slicer, feel free to (very carefully) use your guard on your machine and slice the potatoes.

2.) On a baking sheet, lay out your potato slices, and use a brush to coat the potatoes with a light brushing of olive oil. Use your favorite seasoning mix all over the potatoes and spread evenly. Using tongs, flip over the slices, and repeat on the other side. The photo above shows less seasoning and less grill time, and the below images show a larger amount of seasoning, oil, and grilling time. Customize as you wish!

Vegan Meal / Recipe Idea

3.) Once grill is around 450-500 degrees F, use your tongs to add the slices. This will give them awesome grill marks and they look so pretty! 

4.) Once both sides have grill marks, use your tongs to remove the potatoes from the gtill and carry back inside on your baking sheet. Caution - baking sheet does get hot! Serve with ketchup or other fave condiments. Enjoy!

Vegan Meal / Recipe Idea
Vegan Meal / Recipe Idea

I absolutely love seasoning up potatoes and making them something super special. These really have been a go-to vegan meal option for us, when we are trying to eat meat and dairy free especially since it's seasoned almost like meat :) YUM! Enjoy.