The Thrill Of Adventure With Sheep Thrills Wine

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#WineWorthTheAdventure #SheepThrills #CollectiveBias

Sometimes, adventures go as planned, and sometimes they don’t. We recently went on a little adventure in Colorado, and experienced a little bit of rain but a lot of wonderful memories that definitely outweigh the unexpected. This day taught me that it’s best to go with the flow, check the weather, and most of all, enjoy the journey!

Check out some of these images from our recent adventure on Guanella Pass – as you can see we luckily did not forget to bring some wine!  Sheep Thrills® wines are available in varieties like Sheep Thrills Pinot Grigio and Sheep Thrills Red Blend – both paired excellently with our after-adventure picnic.  

We headed up to Guanella Pass, which is a little under an hour from Denver. In order to get up there, we headed West out of town, and almost instantly you can feel the change in elevation. You are also actually driving in the mountains, compared to seeing them from afar, and the clouds and blue skies are always a welcomed sight. If you’re into adventures, then this is the place for you. Even if you do not have the time to plan a full camping trip, taking a day to explore the mountains, with delicious snacks and refreshments packed into the cooler is always fun.

Our friend, who is expecting her first baby this Fall said she would be our designated driver on the way back, so the rest of us got to enjoy the wine and she was able to enjoy all the good food!

At the pass, we did some hiking, exploring, and adventuring. The dogs also had more fun than I can even describe in words. Being in the mountains is an adventure in and of itself. Compared to the landscape of Illinois (flat as can be), exploring new heights is pretty thrilling!

Luckily, our friends who have lived in the Denver area for a couple of years were eager to take us on a day trip to explore.

Above, some of the many neat plants I found on my adventure. They remind me of succulents.

Although the rain did cut our adventure a bit short today, we were all SO excited that I brought along some delicious food and most importantly, wine! We loved the fact that we could enjoy both the Sheep Thrills varieties.

Learn more about these wines...

Sheep Thrills Pinot Grigio: Abruzzo’s unique climate gives this wine a fruit forward taste that’s decidedly lush, refreshing, and some may even say flirty. Our Pinot Grigio has delicate, floral and tropical fruit aromas that make it the go-to vino for all occasions and palates – seafood, sushi, white meats, cheeses, and yeah, adventure.

Sheep Thrills Red Blend: Its flavor is round and full with ripe, berry aromas. Plus, there are notes of cherry, rich plum, and spices. One taste and you’ll see it’s a smooth operator that pairs well with rich sauces, pastas, red meats, and lamb.

I loved the nuances of flavor in both wines, and my favorite was the Pinot Grigio is a drier, more semi-sweet wine that tasted so delicious chilled, enjoyed after a hike in the mountains.

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As you can see, the rain really did try to join in on our adventure. Weather at this high of an elevation can be gorgeous one moment, then raining or even snowing the next moment.


Some tips on staying prepared and enjoying the your adventure include:


  • Bring various layers of clothing. We wore shorts and tshirts, and a couple of us brought rain coats, but I really would have benefitted from a dry set of clothing after all this!


  • Bring food and drinks (and plenty of water), so you can make the adventure even more special by incorporating a picnic.


  • Check the weather and also research the area you will be adventuring in. I love checking out photos of new places via Instagram (just use the geo-tag/location search feature)


  • I found the most beautiful fresh veggies and snacks to provide (better than traditional camping or picnic snacks), and everything paired well with the two Sheep Thrills wine varieties.


  • Bring good shoes. I use either a pair of sturdy waterproof shoes/sandals, which were perfect for a little rain, or my hiking sneakers and ankle socks.I cannot stress the need for proper footwear enough.


  • Lastly, enjoy yourself! Even if things do not go 100% as planned, it’s all part of the experience.

A very special thanks to Sheep Thrills wine for making my adventures even more fun! Where are you heading this summer?