Willie's Distillery - Ennis, MT (Check Out Their Huckleberry Sweet Cream Liqueur)

I found my new favorite drink! I have never had anything like it, and I know you're going to love it. On a recent trip to Ennis, Montana, I grabbed a bottle of this amazing liqueur at Willie's Distillery. You can walk in and have a cocktail (many are only $6), and they often have a drink special, which I also really loved. It contained cranberry, pineapple, and their hand crafted vodka.

Willie's Huckleberry Sweet Cream Liqueur

Huckleberries are native to Montana. They taste a lot like blueberries and are made into almost every form of food or drink. I even got a huckleberry syrup, which I will share more about in an upcoming post. 

This Huckleberry Sweet Cream Liqueur from Willie's Distillery is best served over ice, because it is a little bit thicker than a traditional liqueur. It tastes like a huckleberry milkshake, which is just amazing. 

Willie's Distillery Barrel

Above, a Willie's Distillery Barrel I saw at Beehive Basin Brewery in Big Sky. Most every bar in Montana will have a bottle or two of something from Willie's. 

So excited to share more Montana photos soon!!!