Easy Delicious Nutritious Weekly Meal Planning (Breakfast Edition)

This post has been sponsored by Dannon. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Looking for a way to treat yo’ self with a quick and delicious breakfast or snack idea? Looking for a way to spend less time making breakfast throughout the week but would never want to compromise on taste and quality? I am so excited to share a delicious meal planning style recipe with you today, that you’re truly going to love! Busy families, students, and anyone who is trying to eat healthier will truly benefit from this recipe.

Dannon Single Serve yogurts are an amazing way to start the day. If you are looking for a way to save time by incorporating meal prepping into your week, here is a wonderful way to do so.


Per serving: 1 Dannon® Single Serve Greek Yogurt in varieties like Oikos® Triple Zero, Oikos® Nonfat and also Light & Fit® Greek. I could NOT believe how many flavor varieties they had available. I found that the coconut, vanilla, banana, and even the caramel flavors were all divine and the flavors blended perfectly with the other parfait ingredients. Also, you will need several plastic containers with lids. Also feel free to include peanut butter and honey in their own containers, ready to grab on the go!

I was luckily able to find all of my ingredients at Walmart. Check the dairy aisle for the yogurt, the cereal aisle for your favorite flavor of granola, and of course, as much fresh produce as possible.

This makes the perfect breakfast or snack on the go. Being able to eat healthy while you’re busy is extremely important to keep energy up. Unhealthy options are truly no match for this delicious recipe!


1.) The night before your work weeks begins, I recommend prepping everything.

2.) Get your fruit toppings ready! Lay out your plastic lidded containers, and in different ones, add blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries.

3.) Also, add flavored granola to the other side of each container.

4.) Put the lids onto the containers, and store in your fridge next to a selection of Dannon Single Serve yogurts.

5.) I recommend trying to eat the raspberries first, then strawberries, then blueberries because they last the longest. Raspberries have a very short shelf life, so eating them first helps.

This gourmet style breakfast or snack rivals something that can be grabbed at a drive through. Fresh fruits and whole grains are so delicious!

The best part is really once you begin to create your parfait! Find your perfect balance of ingredients by adding just a little bit at a time. You can always add more as you go. I found that when I added way too much granola, the parfait was not as easy to enjoy. But, a ton of fruit on top and mixed in was a winner. I really hope you enjoy this recipe. Feel free to leave a comment below if you wind up trying this out.