Elegant Yet Easy Dinner Ideas with New Tyson Dinner Kits

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One of my very favorite things in life is having dinner with friends. It’s an amazing excuse to get together a few times a week and it also ensures that we all have at least a few good meals each week. We are all so busy that sometimes we need to treat ourselves!

If my friends are hosting, I love bringing dinner over. I often stop by the store on the way to their house and Target is right on the way, so I grab everything we need, then head to their house for a relaxing and delicious night!

Weeknight meals can be both easy and delicious with Tyson® Dinner and Entrée Kits from Target. The flavors are all so delicious. Keep reading to see how we incorporated these meal kits into a night with friends.

I found that two of the Tyson Dinner and Entrée Kits, plus a few snacks to munch on while we cook, completely filled all four of us! I always grab fresh fruits and veggies as snacks, since we really make cooking the meal a major part of our night. Tyson Dinner and Entrée Kits are made with proteins and vegetables that are prepped and portioned, then frozen at the peak of freshness

At Target, I chose the Tyson Dinner Kit - Lemon Parmesan Chicken, which I found in the freezer aisle near all the other Tyson chicken products. I also included a nice loaf of sourdough bread, and a large variety of veggies and fruits like grapes, apricots, and a few other items that were in season. Whatever we didn’t finish, we left for our friends to enjoy for lunches throughout the week.

Curious about the difference between the Dinner Kits and the Entrée Kits? The Dinner Kits include a vegetable for a complete meal, while the Entrée Kits include a protein, sauce and topping and is intended to be paired with a side dish to make a complete meal! These meals are so versatile and so delicious!

For the price of these meals, you get way more food than you would in a restaurant, which is awesome. And, compared to ordering takeout or pizza at our friend’s house, our bellies were much more full and satisfied, and we bonded over the prep and cooking experiences! We even got to eat outside, which made the night feel like we were dining in a five star restaurant.

These process of making these meals was super easy and WOW, they were delicious - seriously, the meals got rave reviews from everyone.


While they did remind me of the mail order meal kit services (since they contain all pre-portioned ingredients), I found them MUCH easier to prepare. For instance, the chicken is already seasoned and cut to size, plus, the veggies were already chopped as well. The meal kits would have shipped me a whole head of broccoli that I had to chop myself.

Overall, I was extremely happy with these Tyson Dinner Kits! They are going to be a staple in my home, as I am sure they will in yours! Check out the other Dinner and Entrée Kit varieties available in the freezer aisle at Target:

Dinner Kit - Crispy Chicken Pomodoro

Dinner Kit - Lemon Parmesan Chicken

Dinner Kit - Seasoned Steak Fillet & Mushrooms

Entrée Kit - Crispy Adobo Chicken

Entrée Kit - Roasted Ginger Chicken

Entrée Kit - Citrus Roasted Chicken


We brought everything over in a vintage picnic basket, and then added a couple of cute towels below all of the food to create a safe surface to cushion the food. Like a gift basket, I created a beautiful array of colors and fresh items that really makes for a gorgeous presentation.

1 Tyson Dinner Kit - Lemon Parmesan Chicken

½ lb. red grapes

½ lb. green grapes

1 package of Crackers (plus optional cheese for crackers)

1 package of Cookies in any flavor

2 bottles sparkling water (this could also be wine)

Lettuce for salad

Other seasonal fruits and veggies that added color and texture to the basket.

Be sure to grab this Target Cartwheel digital offer for $2 off any ONE Tyson® Dinner or Entrée Kit from 8/1/18-8/30/18.

Have you tried these new Tyson Dinner and Entrée Kits yet? They’re new, so if your local Target doesn’t have them yet, you won’t have to wait long to try them!

Have a wonderful summer!!

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