Back To School With Walgreens ~ Trail Mix Cookie Recipe

I was asked by Carusele to participate in the #SimplyNice campaign, sponsored by Walgreens. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

It’s suddenly that time of year again - the end of Summer and the beginning of Fall. Even though it’s the busiest time of year for some, Walgreens provides a lot of excellent snacking and baking options in their line of Nice!®

products, perfect for busy days and nights. I was actually able to use in a cookie recipe – perfect for packing in school lunches and also great for the office!

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Trail Mix Cookies Recipes

Stocking up on snacks and ingredients is so easy and convenient during one quick stop into any Walgreens store! Keep reading to get the recipe for these irresistible Trail Mix Cookies and to learn more about the fine selection of snacks at Walgreens. They have TONS of options, to suit everyone’s taste and preference.


Nice! is donating a portion of their sales to Me To We Foundation during the month of August on purchases made on select items. Every purchase gives school supplies to children in Kenya*. You can track your impact by entering code 658482 at:

*Thru 8/23/18, for every specifically marked bag purchased, $.06 will be donated to the ME to WE Foundation, up to $175,000. For more info, visit, purchases are not tax deductible, and this is not valid in Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands.


Makes 25-30 Cookies

I am all about making life easier, and more delicious, so I wanted to share this scrumptious Trail Mix Cookie Recipe, which utilize the Hikers Trail Mix from Walgreens Nice! These make a great dessert or snack, and will be one of the most delicious lunchbox items around!

If you’re a fan of pepitas, sunflower seeds, and mixed nuts like cashews and peanuts, then you’ll LOVE these cookies. They also have a hint of cinnamon, lots of oats as well as a few other tasty ingredients. I am so excited to share this recipe with you! I hope you enjoy.


1 - 1 ½  C. Walgreens Nice! Hikers Trail Mix or Magic Trail Mix

½ C. softened butter

½ C. brown sugar – light and fluffy

¼ C. Honey

¼ C. Peanut Butter

1 tsp. vanilla

1 egg

¾ - 1 C. rolled oats

¾ C. whole wheat flour

½ tsp. baking powder

¼ tsp salt

½ tsp. cinnamon


1. Prep ingredients. Cream butter and sugar together until well combined (1-2 minutes). Add egg and mix until well combined.

2. Add all dry ingredients except for Walgreens Nice Hikers Trail Mix and oats and mix until fully incorporated.

3. Slowly add Hikers Trail Mix and Oats until you reach a nice, chunky dough consistency.

4. Freeze dough in mixing bowl for 5-10, then roll small 1½“ balls, and bake 6 dough balls per tray, lined with parchment paper for 10-15 minutes. Feel free to rotate baking pans half way through baking if desired.

Note – Dough balls MUST be frozen before baking for best results. I would also suggest baking no more than 6 cookies per baking sheet because they do spread out a bit. These cookies taste amazing!!!

Nice! believes in celebrating the good in every day, every food, offering a range of healthier products that nourish the body, and delicious treats that elevate the spirit!

I love this mindset because I love creating recipes that also inspire my readers and fans every day.    

These cookies are absolutely perfect for making ahead of time, then packing for lunch at school or the office! These cookies are also unique and so delicious for the office, for bake sales, for parties, and a batch of these cookies makes an amazing gift too!

I love the fact that the various trail mixes from Walgreens are all so different from one another, yet all taste so scrumptious! My other favorite mixes include the Fruit & Nut Trail Mix, which contains dried pineapple and mango, as well as dried bananas, cashews, and more. Additionally, the Magic Trail /mix, which has been a solid choice for me for the past year or so, appeals to my sweet tooth because it more of traditional mix with M&M’s, dark chocolate chips, peanut butter drops, peanuts, and raisins – YUM!

In addition to packing these cookies for an easy meal, and I’d love to suggest a few of the brand’s lunch-sized snacks, all available at Walgreens. I am already a huge fan of the Organic Cheddar Puffs, their Organic Teriyaki Beef Jerky, Fruit Medley Trail Mix, and more. A large variety of their products are organic, which I absolutely love. It’s hard to find a line of such delicious organic foods.

I am constantly so impressed with each snack I taste from Walgreens Nice. I have had several of their snacks before, but I also recently learned about these delicious individual-serving sized snack packs.

I am actually fortunate enough to be able to say that I have such great memories about my school lunches. As funny as that sounds, both my Dad and my Mom would pack me school lunches up until I was beginning high school. When there were homemade cookies in my lunch box or lunch bag, no one would ever be able to trade me for anything, LOL! I have always loved homemade cookies.

What do you pack for your children’s school lunches or for your own lunch at work? Alternately, what did your parents pack for your school lunches?

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous Fall!

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