Don't Quit Your Daydream

For some reason, I am always in love with inspiration quote t-shirts. I love this one, by Doc Shorty, because it really gets me thinking about my daydreams and how I work so hard to make them a reality. I swoon over them on Pinterest, and when Doc Shorty offered to send me one, I jumped at the opportunity to help them promote their cause. Part of the proceeds from their site go towards multiple sclerosis research. Learn more about my journey to never quite my daydream below, and find this adorable tee, here

don't quite your daydream tee

I have been on this journey, literally since I was 14-15 years old, to work for myself. I always held hourly jobs while in school, but was sewing goods and selling them at shows and online in addition. I went through college, trying to make some sort of connection in almost every class and job I had, in order to work towards that dream of mine - thinking of how I could apply the lessons I learned to either making things that would make me money, or using the skills in my own business, even when the class was not specifically a production or business class.

I am so incredibly happy I had that mindset all through school, because, in addition to always holding at least two jobs while going to college full-time, I have always had my own company, where I have created goods or work for a client. 

Little did I know, I was on the path to being an Influencer and a Content Creator! These terms didn't even really exist on the same level that they do today. I work just about every day to develop this wonderful blog, that I am so proud of, and I just love creating content for brands and for myself. 

In addition to business dreams, the biggest daydream I am "obsessing over" is the dream to move to somewhere in the Olympic Peninsula, and live somewhere that inspires me beyond my wildest dreams. To just be a bit closer to nature as far as pine forests, mountain views, the ocean, and a damp cool climate, that is my next dream I am working towards! I am sure it's going to take a bit more time, to make enough money to be comfortable for us to make such a big move will be a huge task, but it can be done! 

Doc Shorty Inspirational Quote Tee

So, what daydream are you currently working towards? Maybe you have a similar story to mine, or maybe something completely different. I cant wait to learn more about your dreams and aspirations, and at what point you are in your own journey. 

don't quite your daydream tee

Check Out These Top Instagram Accounts

I absolutely love what some people and companies are doing on their Instagram accounts these days! Some people just have a nack for making all their images all look so incredibly cohesive, and I am still trying to figure it out! 


I just love her sense of style, and it looks like she has an amazing home, which is the perfect backdrop for lots of her photos. Her website,, is also stunning, and a wonderful source of inspiration for me! She's based in NOLA, which would be a dream for any fashion blogger, because of all the amazing locations you could shoot photos. 


Next, we have Sugar and Charm, She is absolutely incredible, and I am beyond smitten with her website, She features all sorts of recipes and bright, beautiful photos, and amazing DIY projects. 

Stay tuned, I will post more awesome Instagram Accounts soon! 


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