Spring Is Here!

I am so happy Spring is finally showing its face around here in southern Illinois. April showers have been going full force, and now that the rain has subsided for a little bit, and the wind is blowing, things are finally starting to dry out and get to where I want to be outside :) I got to plant a few hostas and a beautiful yellow day lily today, and the ground was nice and moist, making ti super easy to dig right into the soft, rich dirt, find lots of worms, and plant my new babies. This year has been really great so far! We got to visit my parents for about a week in Arizona, which is longer than I have been with them in a very long time, too long actually! We also hung out in Utah for a little while, which was amazing. We had only been there for a day or two last year, and were so happy we got to visit all of the National Parks and a State Park in Utah. I also got to go to California in February and see some wonderful friends from work, and attend a conference. I have been busier than ever creating wonderful graphics, and finding the newest items to share on Pinterest, too. I learned today that I in the Top 100 Most Followed Pinners on the site!!! I am also working on some awesome photos of hair and makeup for a large makeup company, which I will reveal later this month!!! It's been wonderful, and I have lots and lots of projects that 

Also, my Facebook Page, HappySolez on Pinterest, has over 3200 Likes! I am sharing some of my favorite fashion trends of the seasons, and people are responding so well to all of my finds! Stop by (here) to check out my (almost) daily, fashionable finds!

My newest blogging adventure is called, She's So Chic, and I have had over 10,000 views since March, which is such a short amount of time, it's awesome! 

Well, thanks for stopping by and Happy Spring!!!