Super Easy 2-Ingredient Ice Box Cake

Yum! This no-bake cake turned out so well! My grandma used to make this for me every time I visited. She didn't cook or bake very often, but I remember when she made this, and her famous meatballs, and they were both some of my favorites EVER! 

I always loved it and finally made some myself. This cake is great to make on a warmer day, because you don't even have to turn on the oven. It only requires 2 ingredients, Chocolate Wafers, and Cool Whip, so that's an added bonus as well! Check out my food blog, Bisque This! for this recipe and lots more! 

Super Easy, 2-Ingredient Ice Box Cake

It's super simple! Grab a loaf tin and your 2 simple ingredients. First, spread 2-3 Tbsp of Cool Whip on the bottom of the tin evenly. Then, add a layer of chocolate wafers. They fit perfectly with 2 across. At the short side of the tin, a whole cookie wouldn't fit, so I added some cookies that were already broken in half.

Super Easy 2-Ingredient Ice Box Cake

Keep layering the Cool Whip and Chocolate Wafers until you are out of ingredients. I liked when the layers of Cool Whip were thicker, but whatever you wind up doing will be great! I also crushed up some of the broken cookies (in my fingers) and lightly sprinkled them on top of the cake for a bit of added cuteness! 

Super Easy 2-Ingredient Ice Box Cake

Pop the "cake" into the fridge or freezer, and let it combine over night. Voila! You have an incredibly easy, no-bake Cookies and Cream Ice Box Cake! I initially let this sit in the fridge overnight, but froze it to take photos of it. I tried it both ways, and liked it frozen a lot better. 

Super Easy, 2-Ingredient Ice Box Cake Recipe